Thanks, Brooklyn

I don’t have enough time, energy or hands to do everything I have to do every day.

I was thankful when Brooklyn volunteered to make lunch for Sierra and herself. I was able to sit down and breastfeed a very fussy Ember.

My kids are weird and like butter rather than mayo and mustard on their sandwich.
PhotobucketShe even put everything away when she was done!

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Brooklyn

  • How nice of Brooklyn to help you out!

    As for being weird I have one of those as well except he is 42 and always butter's his bread because he hates mayo and mustard.

    So it was quite nice to see that other people do the same thing that my hubby does.

  • Yay to a helpful Brooklyn! I'm weird too, I like butter on my sandwich as I hate mayo and mustard and I'm nearly 40! Living in the UK, Mayo is like one of the main food groups. It's on everything it seems. I can never buy a ready made sandwich in this country.

  • Oh, I miss Brooklyn soooo much. She is so cute! What a sweet helper girl! I think the reason Kelly can do so much is because she is the oldest and so much more is required of you when you have so many siblings!! Tell her G'ma D is so proud!

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