2 thoughts on “Cellphone Shots!

  • At the end of a crazy day, I sooo appreciate these shots! I am laughing my fool head off! Brooklyn's faces & antics + Ember's reaction is priceless!! Love you! What days will you be here for Christmas? Just curious! Hugs, Mom

  • I have a HUGE question for you!

    How do you protect your pictures from people copying them from your blog?

    I had to make my family blog private due to people stealing my photos, if you could please tell me how to fix this, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I remember a while back you had talked about it, but I can't find that post & wasn't sure if you ever gave out the instructions on doing this.

    Thank you!! 🙂

    P.S. I just love those cell phone shots! Adorable, as always.

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