Family Friday!

Allan accumulated too many vacation hours for the year so his boss had him take a day off. I was really excited to get an extra day with him home.

We had some stuff to get done. We went to Home Depot, Lowe’s and then Costco.

We ate before heading home.

We stopped at a gas station so Allan could fill the tires on my car and I could nurse Ember.
We took this there, too.

We got home and Allan went straight outside to work on the yard while I nursed Ember on the couch and goofed around with Payson.

He’s still obsessed with shoes and socks.

Payson begged me to let him hold Ember.

And for the first time she didn’t start screaming as soon as she was in his arms!

Brooklyn seeing Payson with Ember had to have a turn, too.

We headed outside to be with Allan.

Brooklyn decided to sweep the grass from the curbing and Payson, seeing her helping out, ran for the rake to help, too.

The older girls dress themselves 90% of the time now since I’m pretty much always nursing Ember. Sierra’s outfits are always interesting. She never dresses appropriately for the weather.

Whereas Brooklyn just sticks with pajama pieces whenever possible.

I told everyone we should do a quick family picture. I decided not to pose anyone or anything. Just set the timer and all be in the frame.

Payson wanted to take more, as he always does, so we let him. I love that in all of these Brooklyn has such a cute smile.

These crack me up… they show the randomness and confusion which is my life.

Though this one is pretty cute πŸ™‚
Sierra was complaining about being so cold and Ember was starting to squirm from the breeze. Allan was joking around about how he wasn’t cold at all.

So I went in and instead of grabbing light sweaters, went for the winter stuff.

Allan took this cute shot. That outfit is one my mom bought for Sierra when she was a baby.

This was my coat from high school. One day I’ll have a stylish coat. Or maybe not.

I couldn’t find the kids’ winter clothes from last year so I put Sierra in one of my sweaters.

We came inside and put Payson to bed. I nursed Ember on the couch while Allan and the girls had…

rootbeer floats! I think this was the girls’ first time to try them!

They were pretty happy with the treat πŸ™‚

Ember was finally happy with a full belly.

She spent a little time in her bouncy chair.

While Allan looked at campsites online with the girls. He’s planning a daddy-daughter campout for sometime in December.

But if Ember’s sleeping better by then I’m going too!

3 thoughts on “Family Friday!

  • So many fun pictures! I love the photos you take when you're just out and about running errands. It's a true glimpse into your everyday life…like the blog version of a reality show. πŸ™‚

    Ember has such a — can't find the word — “knowing” expression in a couple of those pictures (the one where Payson is holding her and in the last 2 black & white ones)…like she's more aware than she should be at her age. Can't get over how quickly she's growing!

    You can almost hear Brooklyn's laughter in the last picture! Also love the close up of Payson raking…and the one of Sierra showing off her eclectic outfit. The family photos are great, too!

  • I'm still wearing my winter coat from high school too! My mom was going to buy me a new one for my birthday, but she called while she was out shopping and said “They're all over $100!! I'm not spending that much on a coat!” Hence I still wear my Columbia coat from 2002 with pride. It still works, I guess…..

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