Scorpions, Shopping and Sunset, Oh My!

Geez, these pictures are from Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Tuesday Brooklyn found a scorpion in her room. On her teddy bear, actually! It was alive and well and running to hide when I caught it. NOT COOL!

Allan started doing nightly scorpion checks again with the backlight. He found four Tuesday night and with all the scorpion talk the girls, of course, had to bring that into their playtime.

They were pretending to be scorpions and when Allan and I saw them I ran for my camera and Allan ran for…

Which killed them, of course 😉

Thursday I took the kids to JCPenney because I had a $10 gift certificate thing and REALLY need jeans. I was wearing Ember in the front pack when I realized I couldn’t very well try on clothes like that! But she was sleeping and I really didn’t want to wake her up, so…

Brooklyn helped out for a couple minutes.

I tried on a three things but didn’t like any of them. I didn’t have time to try on more, unfortunately. Some other day, I suppose.

Brooklyn got a new shirt that she wanted to show off.

She’s so funny with her love of the camera. I don’t mind!

With the pretty sunflare I thought I’d get a picture of all the kids together. First I got the girls in place.

Then Payson ran over with his elephant and ball and pajama pants.

Payson was cracking up at all my nursery rhyme songs. I change a word here and there to something silly and he giggles.

Brooklyn took a couple of me and Ember.

And tried to stand on a ball.

And then took pictures of everyone’s silly faces.

I’m going to buy an external hard drive today. The one I have is totally full and I have a whopping 181GB of pictures still needing to be backed up!! Can you imagine if my computer crashed and those were all lost? All my pregnancy, all of Ember’s birth and first month? I’d be sad, to say the least.

10 thoughts on “Scorpions, Shopping and Sunset, Oh My!

  • Oh my! Can you fill me in on these scorpions? How big are they? How often do you actually find them INSIDE your house…and is it only during a certain time of year? How dangerous is a scorpion sting and what would you need to do for one? I just can't imagine! I'm at my limit with the occasional house spider. There was a harmless salamander that managed to sneak inside once – when my hubby was traveling, of course. I don't mind seeing them outside but inside was quite another story! They're speedy little suckers so I knew I wasn't going to be able to catch it on my own. I'm not ashamed to admit that I called my neighbor for help with that one. 🙂

    Fun pictures! Brooklyn is a natural in front of the camera. Looks like she's being such a big help with Ember and a very loving and doting big sister!

  • The girls playing scorpion is hilarious. The fact that you found one INSIDE is not so funny and actually very scary. Wow. I could not live like that. They scare me. Love all the pics and I must say that you look FANTASTIC!!!! My youngest is 4 years old and I don't look anywhere near that good. Way to go. 🙂

  • Oh the scorpions, yeah they're a pain.
    We've found ones that are as small as a half inch and as long as a couple inches.

    They're around more in the summer. We don't usually see any during the winter.

    There are different kinds of scorpions. Some have dangerous stings, others not so much. If a scorpion stung one of my kids I'd have to take them to the ER. Especially Ember!

    I've always been afraid of bugs. Add scorpions to that hatred. Ugh.

    Brooklyn is really loving and VERY doting! lol

    I did have to laugh about your salamander. I'm not really afraid of stuff like that but I don't like them in my house anyway. Even a gecko or something. I like critters outside! lol

  • Scorpions–shudder! You said you caught it…do you mean like caught it and was able to hit it with the scorpion spray your dh is using on the girls, or you actually CAUGHT it like with your hands or a container or something? If you do catch it with a container, what do you do with it? Squish it? I'd imagine that would sound/feel SO gross! Release it outside? Sorry, inquisitive minds want to know LOL I don't think I've lived where scorpions live, thank Heavens!

  • With my hands? Oh no no! I use a glass jar and scoop it in while quickly putting the lid on.

    Allan uses Raid on it and surprisingly it kills them! If you spray enough 😉

    I don't use Raid in my house so I have to use a jar! I could squish it with something but I'm WAY too scared and icked out to feel it crunch!! It makes me creeped out just typing about that!

    I put the jar with the scorpion in it on the front porch for Allan to kill when he gets home. He's great about being the gross critter killer 🙂

  • Yikes Scorpions!! I can't imagine having to deal with those things…here the most icky creepy crawlers are those bugs with the bizillion legs – nothing that can really hurt you…

    Just found your blog from 2peas and just wanted to say it's a great blog and your kids are adorable. Love all your photos and hope one day I can be as talented with the camera as you.

  • Hi Lisa 🙂

    Bugs with a bazillion legs are icky! Though I can't say I've met any bug that I didn't think was icky! haha

    Thanks for the compliment on my photos. Becoming talented is fun because it means taking hundreds of pictures! 😉

  • Love the group shots even with Payson in pj pants, its real and completely adorable. Wanted to mention carbonite to you. I have the same issue with mountains of photos and not being able to keep up with backing them all up. So, google carbonite. It is always running on my computer, the second I load new images it starts to back them up online. 🙂

  • I'm totally creeped out by the scorpions! But very impressed you were willing to catch it! The 'pretend' scorpions are wayyy cuter than the real thing though!

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