My Four Babies

You wanted to compare my kids’ baby pictures?
This is the best I could do. It was hard finding pictures of Brooklyn at 6 weeks old. And I have a ton of Sierra at that age but almost all of them are of her with a dang binky in her mouth.
Do you find it as funny as I do that my only boy has a mop of hair while the three girls are practically bald? ha

My thoughts?
She looks a lot like Payson with Sierra’s nose and skin/eye color.

Ember has the exact same hands and feet as Brooklyn, who has the exact same hands and feet as me. Besides that Ember and Brooklyn look nothing alike.

Ember has very similar eyes and mouth to Payson.

Ember has a very similar nose to Sierra. They also have the same skin and eye coloring. Payson’s eyes are that color, too.

Ember’s ears look nothing like the other kids’.

Ember looks more like me than Allan. She has my eyes, chin, head shape, hands, feet and skin/eye coloring. She doesn’t have my nose- it’s more like Allan’s. Her belly button looks just like Allan’s, too.

6 thoughts on “My Four Babies

  • I am so GLAD that you did that because in my head I try to just do it from memory!

    I agree with your assessment! She looks most like YOUR baby pictures! No matter what ~ she's a beauty and so are the other kids!! They were all gorgeous babies!

    Right now, my heart is so tenderly pining to hold that baby & hug my other grandkids!!

    Please try to come home!! I did it, alone, with 5 once. It is so worth it! Brooklyn is old enough to help alot!

    Kelly was a little lifesaver when it came to helping with all of you and you all used to entertain each other. I will even send travel Bingo!

    I love you!!

  • soo cute its awesome you have great pics like that to compare. Brooklyn's face looks exactly the same from that young age!

  • What a great photo comparison, and I think you hit the nail square on the head! I guess that shouldn't be a big surprise seeing as you're their mom. 🙂

    I can't get over how much Brooklyn's baby picture resembles Brooklyn today. Maybe it's the shape of her mouth? I would have known that was her right away.

    You have beautiful kids and such a lovely family!

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