I’ve Got the Cutest 6 Week Old!

6 weeks old? Six? How? Why? Make it stop!

The smiles, people! The smiles are killing me!!
Early this morning, at 4am, Ember was grunting and fussing and tooting away and not sleeping and so I got out of bed to take her into the living room to nurse her so Allan wouldn’t wake up (he had to get up super early today) and I was so tired.
I was not happy to be awake at that hour after a not-fitful sleep the earlier part of the night. I was feeling so sad for myself for how little sleep I’ve gotten during the last 6 weeks.

I looked down at Ember who was in my arms at my bare breast but not drinking… she was just staring at me. I said, “Oh you just want to hang out with mommy, huh?” And she broke out into the biggest grin ever and of course I just had to coo to her and she started cooing back so loud and just kept smiling this huge, wide, happy smile that melted my heart. I mean melted.
So so sweet!

I love her so much more every single day. I don’t know how that works but it does! My heart feels near exploding with love for this adorable, sweet little baby girl!

Oh those feeties! They’re covered with kisses from mommy.

My fave: ♥sigh♥

Ok, ok, moving away from those unbearably cute pictures… today we stayed home and it was just as lovely of a day as yesterday! The kids were good (well, not so much cranky Payson but that’s nothing unusual. ha) and Ember nursed the day away.
I started a new unit for homeschool around the book Madeline.
It was a nice and mellow day for the most part. (I say for the most part because I still had to work my booty off staying on top of cooking and cleaning and diapers and everything, but no catastrophies happened.)

Ember actually smiled at Payson today for the first time. So I let him hold her (he’s in love with his baby sister!) and she started crying! Sorry Payson, mommy’s arms are the favorite around here 😉

This was actually taken last night, Allan always holds Ember at night when she’s not nursing and it’s bliss for me since I can get stuff done and it’s bliss for Ember because she loves to sleep on his chest.

I did start to feel really frustrated this morning with everything needing to be done while Ember was not letting me put her down for two seconds. After having spent the morning doing things one handed, I realized, duh- I can wear her in the wrap.
So I did and she fell asleep within thirty seconds and took a thirty minute nap! I laid her down in her bassinet with the wrap as a blanket and she was nice and comfy for the lat five minutes of the nap.

I was nursing Ember at some point this morning when the kids marched in the family room riding our broom. I thought it was so cute that I ran for my camera while still nursing Ember and took this:

The kids moved on to the front room while Ember finished drinking. When she was done I set her in the bouncy chair to go see what the older ones were up to…

Oh we’re not up to much, just being extremely cute in here!

Brooklyn had made forts all over the room and they were all having a blast playing together.

Ember had some tummy time on my bed.

And then I decided to take a picture to show how much she’s growing.

And I couldn’t resist taking yet another picture of her cute tummy.

I’ll end this post with these storyboards of comparison shots of Ember. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing! 🙁

Oh gosh, four cute feet shots? Cuteness overload for this mama!
I also wanted to say that I’m sorry I’ve been horrible about responding to comments for the last 6 weeks! They’ve meant so so SO much to me. You’ve all been supportive and encouraging and sweet and very helpful and I’ve meant to respond or start responding for a few weeks now and just haven’t!
I’m sorry! From today on I’m back to responding in the comments section!! So, especially if you ask a question, check back in the comments and I’ll have hopefully replied!

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