Babywearing and Hiking! ♥♥

I found a video tutorial online for tying on my wrap (it’s a didymos woven wrap, by the way) and got motivated to try again.
And… I totally did it! It was super comfy and Ember loved it. YES!
And a few people commented that I was wearing it wrong but that’s just not true.
The criss cross part can go in the back (against baby’s body) but it doesn’t have to. Even with a moby wrap you can wear it with the criss cross parts on the outside. It’s perfectly fine.
But I actually do wear my moby wrap with the criss cross parts on the inside.

But with the didymos, I like the criss cross parts on the outside.
Check these links for pictures on how to carry with the criss cross parts on the outside:
The Wrap Cross Carry with a Didymos Wrap
The Kangaroo Hold with a Moby Wrap

Ember fell asleep after five minutes in the wrap.

While she slept I had time to get dressed for a hike we were going on. I’m having major problems in the clothing department right now. Only one pair of pants in my entire house fits me! The rest are too big or too small.
This is my smallest pair:

They’re a size 9 and the smallest I will ever fit into!

But it’s going to be another five pounds before I can buckle them and another ten pounds before they really fit!
I’ve been working out every day and eating so friggin’ healthy and am down to almost a size 10 right now. It’s hard work!

I read somewhere online (while googling for wrapping instructions for my wrap) that you could possibly use a tie on carrier with an infant. I thought that sounded interesting and brought mine out to try with Ember. I put her legs in frog position and tied it on and it worked really well. I don’t think I’ll wear her in it again just because she’s more comfy in a wrap but it did work alright.
Now this one I did do something wrong with. I didn’t slide the strap through the loop on the body of the carrier. I’ll remember next time.

Later in the day we decided to drive to the Superstitions and go on a family hike. We didn’t get there until just before sunset. Which was nice because it had cooled down and was so pretty and everything was tinted a gold color.

Allan was the photographer of this trip! All the pictures that he isn’t in, he took!

I’m pretty sure the trend for 2011 is baggy pants that bunch up around the crotch 😛
(Anyone know where to get cute pants for $10?? Is that possible??)

We took the Hieroglyphic trail.

The girls were always ahead of us because we had to wait for slow-poke Payson.

Payson did really well on the hike, but he was soooo slow. Usually not a big deal but since the sun was setting we wanted to get back before it got dark so Allan put Payson in the backpack.

This is the same place I took the picture of Allan last year in the sidebar above.

The girls did awesome with the hike. They would’ve kept going and going if we’d let them.

The sky started to turn a bright pink and cast a gorgeous glow on everything.

Looking back toward Mesa. The sunset was just starting to warm up.

We decided to head back to the car at this point. But first we stood watching the sunset for a while.

Brooklyn got excited about something Sierra was doing…

Sierra was pretending we were camping and she was warming her hands by the fire.

The sky was amazing. Arizona wins hands down for gorgeous sunsets of all the places I’ve ever lived!

When the sunset had burned off, we figured we’d better move quickly to get back to the car before dark.

We got home and did dinner and put Payson to bed. Then Allan held Ember while I did bedtime with the girls.

Goodnight kisses:

Hanging with dad 🙂

5 thoughts on “Babywearing and Hiking! ♥♥

  • Look at Ember peeking over Allan's shoulder in those pictures!! Omigoodness, cute overload! haha
    At my *absolute* thinnest ever (as a junior in high school) I could wear a juniors size 7. I dropped my weight after having Peyton almost instantly (what I wouldn't give to have my 18-year-old metabolism back!) and could still squeeze into my favorite pair of 7's. Somewhere along the way, though, weight shifted and I had more kids and had thyroid issues and started working nights and now I look at those jeans (yeah, I kept them) and laugh about how I wouldn't even be able to pull them over my KNEES! I wear a 10 and it's perfectly fine for my mommy-of-three self. Your goals are really practical and realistic, and you are so motivated that I know you'll get there fast. Just stick with it 🙂

  • I hope my comment wasn't offensive, I really thought that wearing the criss-crosses against baby was THE only way to wear it but look at that, you taught me you can wear it a different way. 🙂

    The gallbladder “diet” is such a great way to lose the baby fat. You look fabulous!!!

  • Your hair always looks so perfect. Especially considering you have 4 kids, one of them being a newborn!!

    I am about to have my long hair CHOPPED OFF at my appt. tomorrow because I can't get it to look pretty. (After wearing it up all summer, it's just not working out to try to style it down anymore). What do you do to make your hair always look so nice!? Is there a special shampoo or styling product or device I should know about? I love how my hair SHOULD look, but long hair looks better on everyone else but me 🙁

    FYI I do not have wavy or curly hair at all, but it is not stick straight or fine, really.

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