Humans Should Have Four Arms

So that they can still get things done while holding their young.

To free up my hands I keep practicing with my wrap. I do use the mobywrap sometimes but Ember seems to hate it.

Ember LOVES the Snugli front carrier I have. But I don’t. So I’m stubbornly going to keep working at this one!

When there is a day where Ember cries any time I put her down (today) then the Snugli comes out. She LOVES this thing! Weird baby… it doesn’t seem comfy to me.

I came out from putting away laundry to find Payson like this:
Today I cleaned out my junk cupboard and one of the things in there was a stack of pictures from when we lived in Texas. I sat down with Payson to look through them and ask him who was who.

He guessed Brooklyn right but he called Sierra “Payson” and called his cousin Ellie (she was a baby) “Ember.” Which he pronounces, “Embowww.”

I showed him a picture of my little sister, Jeena, and said, “Who’s that?” And he said, “Mommy!”
This was the picture he was looking at:

I finally got Ember to sleep out of my arms by using the swing. She actually doesn’t like the swing all that much but once in a while she’ll tolerate it.

I took a bazillion pictures of her after her nap.

I just can’t get enough of that cute face and those sweet little smiles.

She gets prettier every day.

She’s been starting to coo a teeny bit more. It’s so funny to watch her little mouth going and her try so hard to get those noises out.

I love taking pictures of her feet. I should take a picture of them every day and then I can have a slideshow of her adorable toosties as my desktop background.

Ember hates Payson’s old bouncy chair but loves this pink one… it is a lot softer.
She enjoyed looking at the toys while listening to the music it plays.

Then she got really sleepy.

It’d be nice to be able to lay down and take a nap with her.

7 thoughts on “Humans Should Have Four Arms

  • She's simply adorable! 🙂 All of your children are 🙂

    Have you looked into a Beco Butterfly 2….similar carry to the Snugli…but a much better carrier! I finally broke down with my 4th and bought it because like you…I had too much to do to sit and hold him all day long. I have a minor back issue and have no problem using this with my now 10 month old for hours on end! I've tried wraps, slings,etc…and this is the only carrier I can use!

  • The first picture of Ember up there looks like she is thinking, “Who me? She's nuts. I am innocent I tell you!” Then, Payson looks up at you with a “Say what?” in his sweet flower hat!! I am totally laughing tonight. Which I much needed since life is a little crazy between my Christmas Event at church, work and still trying to get our house in order!!

  • I was looking at the pictures of you with the wrap on and something didn't look right…I don't want to sound rude but if that is a Moby wrap you are not quite putting sweet baby girl in there properly. The part that you have her “held in” /the wide, not folded fabric actually should be the farthest part from your body. Whereas, the “criss-cross” parts should be the fabric that is actually holding her in the wrap. One of her legs goes on one side of a criss-cross piece and the other leg goes on the other side and then the part where they cross sits under her bum. Here is a step by step tutorial that is done with pictures that I LOVED and really helped me.
    How to actually put on the wrap:
    How to put in the baby:
    Also, it looks like it needs to be tighter, you should be able to lean down and she stays nice and snug against your body (of course, always have a hand there JUST IN CASE). If you have ANY ?'s please ask away because I am 100% for the Moby wraps…they are truly wonderful.

  • Holy cow! No internet for a few weeks and this baby grew fast! She is so beautiful! OMG I can't get enough of those pictures of her!

    As far as the moby. I have a wrape just like it and you are tying it wrong. The baby should be in the criss cross part. I swore by that thing the first 2 months of Atalie's life! (See if these pics help a little… Now she is ready for the hip hold because she won't stay put any other way!

  • Oh my gosh…the yawning photos are incredibly adorable! I've really been enjoying your picture-filled posts, and I'm impressed that you find the time to update your blog so frequently!

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