Who Has The Prettiest Little Baby?

I do!
Today was so much better than yesterday! I sure do love when that happens.
I think the biggest reason it was better is we didn’t have to GO anywhere! I kept Sierra home from her class since she is sick now with Payson’s cold. With how much easier it was to JUST do the childcare and home chores/cooking I’m really kicking myself for signing up for those classes!

But, but, but, the girls LOVE their classes. And with me spending so much time taking care of Ember I do love that they feel so special on their class days.

I’ve also started a new system for cleaning. I made a list of small areas I can completely clean in 15 minutes. Any time Ember is sleeping or not crying I run over to the most important area on my list, or the one bugging me the most, and get it done. When she starts crying ten or fifteen minutes after being set down I don’t feel quite as upset because I am able to cross one area completely off, even if that one area is something small like fold and put away a load of laundry.

Actually that’s how I’m doing school these days as well. 15 minute blocks of learning. We can also still do a lot of read alouds since I can easily read while nursing Ember.

I’m posting a lot of pictures today. Ember was so darn cute I couldn’t resist taking a ton.

She’s so pretty while she sleeps.

I found Payson in the living room covered in black marks. I couldn’t figure out what it could be since all the markers are locked away. Later in the day I found my opened mascara in the bathtub. There were black marks on my mirror and the floor and the tub and my mascara is completely empty.

Ember smiled at me a lot today. It really, truly makes her constant crying and my not sleeping more bearable. She’s so cute when her eyes light up and her whole face breaks out into a grin!

I mean, just look at her! So cute!

Even when she’s not smiling, I get such a kick out of all her expressions.

And the feet. I love this little girl’s feet. They’re so tiny and kissable.

And the stretching… I could watch her stretching all day long πŸ™‚

The picture below on the right is of the expression she makes right before she starts to cry. Photo session is OVER. lol

One thing I wish I’d done more last month was take pictures of her in just a diaper. I know I didn’t because she cried any time she was undressed no matter how warm it was (the girl likes her clothes!) and even if she didn’t mind being undressed, she spent most of her days crying anyway.

Right before I nursed her this afternoon I decided to take a picture of her in the mirror. She started crying, though. But since I had my camera out I thought I’d try to calm her down enough to snap just one picture. The following pictures are what happened…

Not quite impressed with mommy’s songs and lovey baby talk.

But wait… that voice is kinda soothing.

Yes, I do like that voice, mommy!

Woah, what song is this??

A tisket a tasket? I like that, too!

I don’t know what it means to be the “cutest baby in the whole world” or “mommy’s sweet baby girl…”

But I sure do like it when mommy says it!

Before I put my camera away for the day I figured I should take a picture with the girls in it, too. They were really happy about that.

And when I went to nurse Ember they ran for the TV. Spongebob was on, afterall.

Can you tell the area of my house next on my list of cleaning to dos?

9 thoughts on “Who Has The Prettiest Little Baby?

  • That white outfit is so cute! I think Ember looks a lot like Payson. As much as I love the newborn stage, I just love when babies start getting more interactive.

  • Aww she is so beautiful. I was going to say that I think she looks a bit like Sierra and then I saw the above poster thinks she looks like Payson. LOL!

  • Came visiting when Mt. Hope Chronicles mentioned you and taking lots of pictures. That is my kind of lady (a fellow photo freak) so I stopped by.

    I have a 7,4, almost 2, and 2 month old, I love taking pictures and we homeschool too. Needless to say, I am enjoying the chaos right there with ya!

    πŸ™‚ Have a happy day.

    PS. Not ONLY is she beautiful, but I *LOVE* her little sweater dress. *swoon*

  • Some of those expressions kill me!! Too cute. πŸ™‚ I have always thought she looks just like Sierra, and every time you post pics of her I can see it more and more.

  • Great pictures of Ember! She is adorable. I think she looks a lot like Payson but I also see your girls in her. When you have an extra minute (HA!) you should post side by side comparisons of all four of your children as infants.

  • She IS beautiful. Really. And your photos have such beautiful lighting. I posted about you on my blog last night. I just want to be like you. πŸ™‚ I've enjoyed your posts for quite a while now, and can't believe how much you manage to do (and post with pictures!!!).

    It's funny because I think Ember looks big compared to Lola! πŸ™‚ Or maybe she just has a more mature face or something. I don't know how much Lola weighs. She was 10lbs at birth and only 9lbs 14oz a week and a half later. She hasn't been weighed since then, but I'm sure she's gained some.

  • She is so stinking cute! Love the pictures of her wearing the little knit outfit sleeping on the striped Boppy. The lighting is lovely. Also love the close-up black and white…and the pics of her little tootsies.

    Glad you had a better day! πŸ™‚

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