Not Supermom

Being the mom is really hard.

I don’t like being the mom sometimes. I don’t like all the work. It makes me feel burdened and trampled down having four children clawing at me all day.

Verbally/vocally clawing.

I try to get a lot of things done. I try to give my kids lots of attention, too.

But I’m suffering inside. I miss being me. I miss being alone with myself.

At the very least, when things get hard I have the knowledge that it will end. Things get easier as kids get older. Thankfully.

I’ve read and watched videos about how to wear this wrap and have tried a thousand times and still can’t figure it out.

6 thoughts on “Not Supermom

  • Keep trying with the wrap….it gave me back my sanity. I could nurse, cuddle, clean, chase my 4 year old, run a marathon(just kidding on that one) but seriously my wrap was GREAT!!! It does take some practice but once you get the tightness down you will really enjoy it!!! 🙂

  • I really don't know how you manage but you manage really well! I only have 2 kids who are 3-1/2 and 2 and have help but I still feel like I don't get enough ME time and sometimes feel like running away for even just a day to have peace and quiet and no little people pawing at me!

    I found your blog while blog hopping and love to read about your day as it's so inspiring how much you get done with 4 little ones to care for!

  • I feel for you because I know it's hard what you're going through, you have 4 kids going through 4 different stages/phases, it's alot and it's all your responsibility every day and homeschooling adds to it. But just know it will get easier when they all become more and more independent and then strangely you will MISS these times. Funny how that works right? I would ask your husband if you could have some “me” time, even if it's one night a month, it's something for you to circle on the calendar and look forward to and plan for, knowing you'll get that break, that alone time, that time for just you, an afternoon;/evening all to yourself. Speaking from experience, my husband makes sure I have that time and it really does the soul good. Every mommy needs it!

  • You're doing great, Mommy! Hang in there! The Moby wrap always looked like more trouble than I wanted to fool with so I went with a Hotslings ( and loved it! Just slide it on, slide him in and viola! Happy baby. I got a LOT done aroung the house carring my baby around with this. The Maya wrap is also pretty awesome( Just thought I'd pass along this info in case you'd like to try something else.

  • “I miss being me. I miss being alone with myself.”

    This could probably be considered a universal lament for all busy moms, so know that you're not alone nor are you wrong for feeling this way! I agree with the previous comment – it would be great for you to have some “me” time once in a while…away from the kids and away from your home. You need some time alone to replenish your spirit and renew your sense of self…maybe even catch a long nap! You definitely deserve it!

  • What kind of a wrap is that? Did you get rid of your Moby or just didn't like it anymore? This one looks a little bulkier…but it's really pretty and I could see how it would be a really snug, secure-feeling wrap.

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