Our Halloween Day

So Sunday didn’t start off too well (post below). Sierra had thrown up at 6:45am and Payson had had a fever the day before. I had been up all night (Saturday night) with Ember and things seemed like they were going to be really awful.

But then, things weren’t that bad at all!

Sierra didn’t throw up again, Payson’s fever stayed away. Allan took Brooklyn to church and I read books to Sierra and Payson while nursing Ember. It was great!

I had told Sierra all day that if she didn’t throw up by the time it got dark then she could do a little trick or treating. She ate a few crackers and sipped water and happily didn’t throw up again! By the time we were getting ready to go trick or treating it’d been 12 hours so I figured she’d be safe for a small walk. I was thinking we’d go up and down our short street and call it good.

Well, the thing about Brooklyn being healthy and Sierra feeling so healthy was, at the end of the street we’d been out for under ten minutes and they were really wanting to trick or treat just a bit more.
And the thing about just a bit more is our neighborhood’s roads loop around a lot and going up one loop makes it only logical to come back down the other side.

Which, long story short, meant we ended up trick or treating for over an hour and that was a bit much for me without a stroller! I’d meant to grab the stroller but since we were “just going up the road a bit” I didn’t. At least I was wise enought to put Ember in the carrier!

Yikes, I edited these pictures at 4am and haven’t had time to sit down to post them until now but I just realized I have to leave for my hematologist (blood doctor) appointment in ten minutes and I’m not dressed! UGH. I’ve been nursing Ember all morning, of course 😛

So in the morning I got Brooklyn ready for church in one of her new dresses… well, skirts.
She LOVES new clothes! Any pose you ever see her doing is all her own, by the way!

So pretty!

Sundays we don’t watch TV but with sick kids and on so very little sleep, Spongebob was turned on! Payson loves to sit in the ottoman while watching.

Payson and Sierra were hungry by this time. Poor Sierra just got a rice cake (she requested one) and some crackers.

Someone wasn’t happy.

And someone needed a new shirt.

I set Ember down to go potty and she fell asleep!

It only lasted ten minutes but she was awfully cute sleeping for ten minutes.

After church I got the kids dressed up in their costumes.
Brooklyn was a little white pixie.

She’s funny about Halloween costumes. She is indecisive about almost everything in life but when it comes to costumes she falls in love with one right away and is set on being that.

She was pretending to blow fairy dust.

Sierra was a fairy. Except I left her wings off for the pictures, darn it! She wore them trick or treating, at least.

Payson was a pumpkin.

He was so excited when I gave him face makeup. He’d been begging and begging while the girls got theirs.

Maybe I should’ve included Ember in the pictures but she was sleeping and all she wore was a generic $3 Halloween onesie from WalMart. lol

Sunset, time for trick or treating!

Payson loved trick or treating. “Problem” was he is a social butterfly and wanted to stop and chat with everyone for a looong time. We were always waiting for him to keep walking.

This was his first time trick or treating and he caught on immediately! He’d say trick or treat and thank you and Happy Halloween.

He also liked to say hi to all the decorations. Being dressed as a pumpkin he was especially fond of saying hi to all the carved pumpkins sitting out.

Allan and I ended up holding Payson on the way home because I didn’t want him walking that much while he was recovering from a cold.

We got home and took the costumes off and started dinner.
And Allan had some fun with Brooklyn’s ladybug costume.

So cool.

It’d be a great boxing outfit.

After that was a bath and bed!
And now I’m going to sprint out the door to go get poked with needles.

2 thoughts on “Our Halloween Day

  • I love this picture of Ember looking over your shoulder. Her little face is so cute.

    They all look great in their costumes. Love Payson's face makeup! I'm glad the day turned out better in the end than you thought it would.

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