I Have Sweet Neighbors

One of my neighbors brought over a baby gift this morning. She also got all four of my kids pajamas and a storybook. She also got me lotion and made cookies. Sweet, huh? Most of my neighbors are retired and the kindest people! I love them.

Brookyln’s pajamas are size 5T so, way too small. That actually works out perfectly, though because she’s the only one I’d bought new pajamas for this year already! Sierra can wear both the pair she just got and Brooklyn’s.

Except see how Brooklyn’s wearing the pajamas in those pictures? She’s gonna freak when I suggest she give them to Sierra. When I told her they were size 5 and probably not going to fit she said,
“No, no, I like them short, I hate pants that go to my feet!”

And she’s being honest, she HATES passing down clothes so has decided she prefers her pants short 😛

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