Friday Fun

I really, really adore my baby girl.

I cleared the blankets out of her bassinet to try to get her to sleep in there. She’s been sleeping in a reclined bouncy chair.

I was surprised when she fell asleep!

Here’s the trick… I blow dry my hair nearby and the sound soothes her to sleep.

Her taking a nap while not in my arms allowed me to do a lot of cleaning.

The older kids had been coloring. Since Ember was sleeping I wisely decided to put Payson down for a nap, too.

I wish October could start over again so that I could spend more time doing Halloween crafts and activities. I love Halloween!

I think this is the first time my counters have been cleared off since Ember was born!

Ember was still asleep after doing the dishes and cleaning the counters and doing the laundry so I started the girls on some Halloween painting.

She woke up a couple minutes later, though. So I nursed her at the table while the girls finished painting.

Pretty much always a spill when it comes to my kids.
That night there was a church Halloween party so I got the kids all dressed up. Allan came home and dressed up, too. I wanted to get a picture or two but we didn’t have time 🙁
(I’ll take pictures Sunday)

We had a lot of fun at the party. Brooklyn said it was the best night ever. I spent pretty much the whole time nursing Ember or rocking her and by the end of the night my back was killing me!

But it was fun. One of my favorite parts was watching the girls participate in this:

Sierra giggled a lot.

I think this was Brooklyn’s favorite part of the night, too.

I just realized I took cellphone pictures of my own makeup before heading out… I wasn’t in costume yet (I was a witch), but at least I snapped these:

We got home late and Ember was really fussy so I didn’t have a chance to shower or take off my makeup.
This morning my makeup was all weird and smudged half off and my hair looked pretty awful.

My hair was reeeally nasty. All crispy from the green hair spray I’d used.

Allan, on the other hand, looked pretty darn cute this morning, heading to a scouts meeting 🙂

Random one from Thursday, Ember loves Allan. He calms her down so much. Every time he talks her eyes get big and she turns to look for him.

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  • She is so cute. Her little face is really starting to look more bright and clear! I cannot believe how much she looks like your baby pictures!! Truly! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bedroom bedding, it is so classy!

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