Three Halloweens for Sierra!

Sierra’s class had a little Halloween party today. She even got to go on a little walk and go trick or treating.
Brooklyn was really jealous until Sierra told her she’d share her candy.
We’re doing a church Halloween thing tomorrow and then the real Halloween on Sunday so Sierra’ll get three Halloweens!

It was a huge ordeal getting Sierra to her class in time, as usual. Every single stinking day that we have activities for the girls (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) I’m kicking myself for signing up for them.
What was I thinking?! I have a newborn for crying out loud, why am I leaving the house three times a week?!

I know I was thinking the girls needed something like this and this time of year is when the best classes are offered. Doesn’t make it any easier getting four kids out the door. I used to have a hard enough time going places and getting the kids on task enough to get ready but with Ember crying hysterically if I set her down in the mornings… mornings are just not fun for me.
Mornings make me want to run away from home.
For real.

But the second we get there and everyone is where they should be things are SO GREAT. Whichever girl is in class is thrilled to be with her friends having fun and the other girl is thrilled to get to go to the park and play with mommy and Payson.

Brooklyn is so cute with Payson these days. When Sierra’s not around Brooklyn treats Payson like her little buddy and they get along really well.

I took some timer pictures today. Being busy and having Ember strapped on my front made it difficult so I didn’t even look through the viewfinder to set the focus. I just aimed the camera in the general spot of where we’d be standing and pressed the shutter.
So that’s why the pictures with me in them aren’t in great focus 😉

Payson was begging me to ride on this thing since he was riding on one across from me. He cried when I only sat on it for a few seconds. I didn’t want to break it! lol

We had a lot of fun swinging together. We spent a good twenty minutes swinging like that.

Well, not like that ^ I sat on the swings for a minute with Ember and then pushed the kids the rest of the time 🙂

I asked Sierra how much candy she got and she told me five pieces! (It was more like 15)

Brooklyn was being extra nice to Sierra since she was getting candy, too. ha

We went to WalMart before heading home because I needed nursing pads. Glamorous life I lead.

I nursed Ember in the car for what felt like forever. It was lunchtime at this point and I’d fed and packed things for the kids but not for me so I ate a third of a can of fat-free pringles and three rice cakes in the car while breastfeeding.
Not healthy but hey, I was really hungry!

Payson started crying after a while because he was hot. When Ember finished nursing I stripped Payson to his diaper and sat him right in front of the air conditioning with me. He loved that. I didn’t because he wouldn’t stop messing with all the buttons and levers 😛

We got home and I immediately started on dinner (pot roast in the crockpot, I can’t have any of the meat, though. boo hoo) and lunch and while I did the kids attacked the Halloween costume box.

I also realized I should snap a picture of Ember since I didn’t take any of her today. That headband is from Sierra’s dress up clothes. lol. The girls love her wearing it.

And lastly, cell phone shots from yesterday:

And from today:

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