Putting on the Pudge

Ember had her one month checkup today.
At birth she was 7lbs 11oz. At one week she was 7lbs 7oz. And today she was 9lbs 7oz! Yay! (Payson was 9lbs 8oz at birth!)

After her bath this morning I let her lay around and air dry. She loved it.

I absolutely love that belly! And those feet! Babies are so dang cute and have the sweetest little baby parts β™₯

She was happy for most of the day today πŸ™‚

She does get REALLY fussy when I have to put her down when I’m getting things ready to go. So today I had Brooklyn gently rock her bouncy chair and Ember loved that and even fell asleep!

After Ember’s checkup we stopped by Target to look for a dress for church for Brooklyn. She owns only one dress and has been wearing it over and over to church for months.

I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the dresses they had, I really, REALLY hate the trend of dressing our 7 year olds like teens, but I did find a couple that worked well enough.

And Brooklyn was super excited about all of them.

After Target we hurried over to Brooklyn’s gymnastics class. I walked around with the little kids while we waited. Sierra had to pee and I was once again amazed that she’s completely over her fear of public restrooms!

But after taking that picture I noticed this sign way up high on the wall:

Oops! But since I’d already broke the rule I went ahead and took another two pictures. It’s really too bad I can’t wear sunglasses all the time, they cover my dark circles and red eyes. lol

It was dark by the time we left.

And that was our busy day.

4 thoughts on “Putting on the Pudge

  • Your little one is just beautiful!!! She has grown so quickly, I cannot believe it has already been a month – wow!

    I was going to comment on the clothing at Target. I just took HOlly yesterday for some stuff and found very little. I am not impressed with the whole 80's Madonna revival for a five year old… lace leggings, amazingly short dresses in animal skin, etc — YUCK! Target was a major dissapoinment for the first time in a long time πŸ™

  • I love the dress Brooklyn picked out! I was planning sweater dresses in my head for my girls' Christmas dresses, good to know they are at Target!

    I have taken pics in the Target bathroom before too, lol. My then 4 yr. old was playing under the hand dryer and making funny faces in the metal reflection, it distorts your face and it was just too funny not to snap some pics!

    Ember looks happy and healthy! Great job, momma!

  • i'm seriously amazed by how often you take all your kids out and about and with everyone looking cute, and your hair and makeup done. i pretty much only do that for church, if even then!

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