4 Weeks Old

I don’t know how it happened. Somehow these hours and hours of nursing and not sleeping and diaper changing and barely surviving and not coping and then coping and then not coping and baby crying and kids crying and did I mention the nursing, somehow these hours have added up to four whole weeks!

Time’s been flying by from day 1. The first week it made me sad, it still makes me kinda sad, but now I’m just embracing it. Each day gets a tiny bit easier so time moving on isn’t the worst thing right now. I like being here so much more than I liked being in the first few weeks.

With my other kids things happened so gradually that most of the time I didn’t even notice them growing and changing. With Ember that hasn’t been the case at all. She looks different every day! I notice tiny little changes in her all the time.

Today there was a big milestone met… her first real smile. She’s been giving me smiles for about a week but usually only once a day in the very early morning and while they were in response to my lovey talking to her they were quick and not repeated.

Today, however, they were so real! And she smiled at least five times 🙂

I even kinda caught a picure of one (picture later in this post!)

As far as everything else in life… I’m getting the necesseties met and not much else. I do dishes and make food and all that stuff but we still have yet to do much school (we’ve done four lessons in four weeks, that’s it!) and I really have no desire to start!

I actually used my time breastfeeding Ember at 2, 3 and 4am the last couple days to put together our school stuff and tomorrow is the day we fully start again. I wish I had another month off of teaching but I really can’t take any more time.

I think my kids are going to miss the three hours of TV they watch every day!

It’s taken four weeks for Ember to start liking tummy time. She used to hate it and wouldn’t lift her head at all. She now holds her head up a bit and wants to look around and really enjoys tummy time for a good ten minutes. As long as she’s not hungry, that is.

Such a sleepy girl. And yet doesn’t sleep. Except she’s sleeping soundly on my lap just now after nursing. Maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight for once?? Probably not, I’m sure she’ll wake up and cry the second I put her to bed or doze off myself.

She looks at my face while I talk to her now. She’s always looked at me but now she keeps looking at me. I took this picture holding the camera below my chin as I talked to her.

And caught a quick smile! She gives huge, wide open mouth smiles, it’s so cute!!

I missed her smile this time but caught just before and just after it.

This was only the third time I’ve let Payson hold Ember since she was born. He comes over and kisses her head and talks to her many times a day but luckily doesn’t think to ask to hold her much. He did today and I let him… and he did pretty well. I held my camera out behind me (hard to explain) while keeping a hand on Ember, to take this shot. Payson’s gentle because I’ve taught him to be but he still doesn’t have a real understanding of Ember being fragile.

Poor Sierra, every single time I’ve ever let her hold Ember, Ember ends up crying. It’s not anything Sierra does, it’s just bad timing! lol
Payson was crying because he wanted to hold Ember longer. He LOVES his baby sister!
Ignore Sierra’s bangs in her eyes in that picture. I was growing them out but caved and cut them tonight before bed because she pulls her clips out and the hair in her eyes was driving me nuts. lol

6 thoughts on “4 Weeks Old

  • Ember just keeps getting cuter and cuter. My daughter was a horrible sleeper too. She still isn't great at 2. She just get so excited by any stimulation when she wakes that she doesn't want to go back to sleep. But the tradeoff is that I still get a good naptime out of her.
    Love the photo of Payson crying because he wants to hold her. How sweet. And the bang issue – i've been trying to make that decision too.

  • Ember has the sweetest little face. And Sierra's eyes look amazing in that last picture, her and Payson look so much older next to tiny Ember!

  • Sweet pictures! I wouldn't stress about school too much. Afterall you guys do a lot over the summer when public school kids are on break so I'd say its an even trade-off. 🙂

  • Aww…that smile is the sweetest! I can't get over how quickly Ember seems to be growing. She is so wide eyed and alert…even in some of her early photos. You've been so honest in your posts about the ups and downs you've been experiencing, but I think you're doing an amazing job adjusting to life as a mommy of 4!

    Love the picture of Payson holding Ember, and her pink hat with the flower is absolutely adorable!

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