We’ll Cut Four Small Holes in You

Today I wanted nothing more in the world than to stay at home with my kids. I don’t like taking Ember out and about so much, exposing her to germs.

But I’d already signed Sierra up, and paid for, a fun little class at the local recreational center. And I had an appointment with a surgeon for my gallbladder issues.

So off we went. We had to leave the house by 8:30am to get to Sierra’s class and can I just say THAT WAS HARD! Getting FOUR kids ready in the morning and leaving the house before 1pm… near impossible! lol

I was going to take Brooklyn and Payson to the park while we waited for Sierra but it was raining. Normally I’d still let them play in the rain (fun!) but we can’t with Ember 🙁
Instead they had a snack while we waited in the hall.

Which actually turned out to be fun because we just sat and talked.

I feel weird when I nurse in public even though I’m totally covered.

Brooklyn had fun taking pictures of a bunch of things. I have some of the floor, a chair, the wall, and then a few like this:

I had my appointment with the surgeon next. But first Ember needed to be changed.

And then ten minutes later Payson needed to be changed.

These leather couches in the waiting room were SO comfy that when I got home I called Allan and told him we should start saving to buy some. ha

I can schedule a surgery to have my gallbladder removed at any time. They were going to schedule it in the office but I still have worries so I put it off.
On the drive home I broke down sobbing out of fear and confusion… I’ve read for hours (while nursing Ember at night) about gallbladders from a million different sources and I’m just SO sick of thinking about it!
Right this second I’m just going to stick to a very low fat diet because I don’t want to worry about surgery while I have a newborn and three other kids to take care of and no help.

6 thoughts on “We’ll Cut Four Small Holes in You

  • I never had any gallbladder issues until baby #5, in my 9th month of pregnancy. I had to go to the ER. I was scheduled to deliver the following week so my OB sent me home with pain meds and told me sometimes pregnancy will bring on gallbladder attacks in woman that never had any issues before. I had one more attack shortly after my son was born and that was it! I had to go to the ER for that one too because the pain was soo bad and the surgeon came in to talk to me, and wanted to do the surgery the next morning. I didn't want to, I live 3000 miles away from my family and had a new baby at home, so I told him I was going to wait and thankfully I haven't had any issues since. I eat pretty healthy though but from what my OB told me, the pregnancy and after delivery will sometimes trigger the attacks. The only food I ate both times before the attack was avacados, which are high in fat, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it but I love avacados, just now I eat them more in moderation. I hope you don't have any more issues. That pain is the worse! Good luck Ariana.

  • One of the complications of pregnancy & especially as you have more or twins is body parts failing. My gall bladder decided to rapid fire {sort of} let out the stones it had been holding in there. It sucked. I briefly thought of trying the diet to control mine, but realized that overall I've always eaten pretty healthy except when I was trying to gain weight for those greedy twins while pregnant. My surgery was done on off day one of Guys 4 on/4 off schedule when the twins were just 4 months old. I didn't realize the lifting restriction would last so long. Fortunately the ladies at church stepped in to be with me the 13 hours he was gone for work plus the 8 hours he had to sleep. I'm sure if you let them know, they will do the same for you. I still did most of the care for the twins food and home, but had someone there to lift the kids for me.

    As far as the surgery and my health… Wow, was that the very best thing ever. I had no idea how sick I felt all the time until I got out of surgery hungry & feeling awesome! Compared to childbirth & a c/s {I had both vag & c/s for the twins} the surgery was super easy to go through and recover from. I opted to spend the night in the hospital to skip the night feedings, but got woken up throughout the night by the nurses anyway. lol I could eat normally from right after the surgery until now. Some people do get the 'dumping' as I'm sure you have read about, but I'm also sure they are the people who eat crap all the time anyway like my mom in law! For me, sugary foods will soften my stool now, but compared to the sickness and super painful passing of stones the old body is great.

    Also, as background, I don't take many medications {no narcotics}, don't believe in unnecessary surgeries, tend to let any sickness run it's natural course, hardly get sick and have a high pain tolerance.

    For what it's worth, that is my experience.

  • I had my gallbladder out, and it honestly wasn't that bad. I was sent home as soon as I woke up from the surgery, and yes the first I'd say 3 days it hurt to move and I laid on the couch. But honestly by the 4th day I could do light housework and go out, and 8 days after the surgery I was back at work in a daycare centre working with 16 children.

    It won't be so bad! Rest up for the first few days and ease back into things slowly, but as long as you have help for the first few days you should be all right. I healed very fast.

    I ate completely fat free while I waited for my surgery, and especially lived on tomato soup made with water, cereal with skim milk, rice, plain potatoes, and chicken breast. I did find some good recipes for yummy things on food.com that were comletely fat free!

  • I have nothing of real importance to say, except that you are my hero for taking all 4 kids to dr's appointments with you! I had a bad experience with a dr scolding my 18 month old during an appt (And for the record, my son was not disturbing the appt…he was sitting in a chair playing with my cell phone that was turned off and being silent…) but ever since then the thought of taking even one of my kids with me strikes fear in my heart!

  • I worried myself sick reading about gallbladder surgery before my husband had his out. Chat board after chat board of people who completely regretted having theirs out and they felt awful afterwards.

    I then realized that happy, healthy people rarely seek out chat boards! My husband feels a million times better now, and 1 year out he has had no problems eating absolutely anything. I'd say the first 3 days he basically laid on the couch, but by day 7 we were on a plane to Hawaii 🙂

    Gallbladders are tricky things. My husband had an attack lasting over a month in July 2008 (and lost 20lbs), but we couldn't afford the surgery then. Things slowly got better, but he had another attack almost exactly a year later. That time he had full insurance, so we took that baby out!

  • I found your blog from the WTM forum and had to post here. I am so sorry that you are going through this! I went through this with my second baby and ended up having surgery when he was two months old. I just couldn't keep going like that, especially since I was hardly eating anything to try to avoid attacks. I breastfed him before going in to surgery, pumped once afterward while waiting to come home, then breastfed again as soon as I got home. I think I was only gone four or five hours. Recovery wasn't bad at all either. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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