Brooklyn Starts Tumbling and Allan Comes Home!

Yesterday Brooklyn started her tumbling class. She was actually kinda nervous about it in the weeks leading up to it. It was cute when she’d come and ask me all sorts of questions. I was surprised because she’s rarely shy and timid.

Allan got home from a four day business trip! Thank freaking goodness! I was going a little crazy without being able to talk with another adult at nights!

Yesterday I wanted to give all the kids a bath before Brooklyn’s class since they stunk from playing outside so much. Of course this is when Ember was dead to the world asleep.

Even changing her diaper and talking to her didn’t wake her up.

In the pictures below she’s reacting to my camera’s beep. She’d fall back to sleep and then as soon as my camera would focus (and beep) she’d startle. lol

Brooklyn talking to me about being so nervous about her class and hoping her teacher would like her.

They all smelled so dang good and were so cuddly after baths.

I went in the backyard to snap a picture of Brooklyn before class. Ember was out there, too, but she wasn’t happy about it.

Brooklyn ended up LOVING her class. Her teacher is really nice and she even knew one of the girls in her class which put her at ease right away 🙂

I took the little three to the park during Brooklyn’s class. Sierra and Payson had a blast.

And this guy came home late last night after being away in Texas. I sure did miss him!

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Starts Tumbling and Allan Comes Home!

  • Eric just got home from a 3 day work trip to Boston and it was sooo good to have him back home! I'm glad Allan got home safely! I love Brooklyn's hair for her tumbling class. Erica has the same leotard for her gymnastics class. And the pic of all the kids together in their towels is too darling!

  • I feel for you. Having one's honey away is all kinds of no fun. Your kids, as ever, look adorable, and I'm so glad that Brooklyn had a good time tumbling.

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