Children, I Have Many

I’m loving this. I really am loving this. Busy days filled with nursing and childcare. Lots of time to talk with my older kids with Ember on my lap, in my arms. Peaceful, relaxed moments. Everything slower, every minute feeling a little more full.

There are definitely hard moments. Mostly the hard moments are conflicting needs of Payson and Ember. Balancing a toddler’s needs and a newborn’s needs doesn’t really happen. Either she’s waiting to be fed or changed or he is. Mostly it’s him since he’s older. But there are a few times when Ember’s screaming while I change Payson’s nasty diapers.

I’ll try not to go off about Payson’s diapers right now but can I just say I really hate allergies?
I really, really hate allergies!
I’m so sick of diarrhea diapers. Or even “normal” diapers that are still so stinky! Yuck!

Payson has discovered a new skill… he can reach things on our bar height counters and he can climb in the pantry. And with these new skills he has decided there is nothing more fun in life than getting into gluten foods.

Besides that things are awesome. I can’t believe how much more mellow my moods are. I feel in control and content. Things I never feel when pregnant!

I laid Ember down in the school room this morning for a minute or two. I never lay her on the floor unsupervised and never longer than a minute because I’m worried about scorpions! The one thing I absolutely hate about living in the desert is the scorpions. Ironically Allan is outside with a blacklight right this second checking for scorpions. I was out there with him for a while and in that short time he found three >:-(

I love these skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. Allan got me some from Costco since I’ve been eating a no-low fat diet for my gall bladder issues.

Payson talks to me a lot when I nurse. I can never figure out what he’s saying, though.

He thinks Ember is the best thing ever. When he talks to her it makes me laugh. He talks to her differently than he talks to me, Allan and the girls. It’s like he knows she’s closest in age to him and he likes that.

I try to let the girls hold Ember a bit more as she gets older. I feel pretty darn possessive of her and protective of her and would prefer to keep her safe in my own arms all day but that’s not really the best thing for the girls. They’re dying to hold her as often as possible.

Diaper changes, how I loathe diaper changes!

I took some sleeping pictures of my baby girl.

I think she gets cuter every day!

At first Allan and I thought she looked just like me (and therefore Brooklyn and Payson since they look more like me) but the last couple of days I’ve thought she looks a lot like Sierra.

I could stare at her face all day. She’s so sweet 🙂

My camera was sitting next to me on the couch today and after I nursed Ember I held it out as far as I could to snap these…

It was super hard to get my camera to focus. I have a narrow lens (50mm) and it’s still being fussy with focusing. But I did manage to get these ones…

I snapped this while she slept on my lap.

I love having a baby girl again 🙂

Sierra came in while I took that last picture and asked if she could take a picture of me and Ember.

I said yes, of course!

She did a good job getting these shots, I thought!

Then Brooklyn came in and saw Sierra with my camera and wanted a turn, too.

Brooklyn took this next one, she was sad that she didn’t know how to work the timer because she wanted to be in it.

10 thoughts on “Children, I Have Many

  • Oh my gosh…so many sweet photos to see! The pics of Ember sleeping are adorable, and you're capturing such tender mommy & baby moments, too! I'm happy for you. It sounds like things are going much more smoothly now. Keep enjoying every precious moment!

  • These are beautiful photos! You are such an awesome Mommy! I thought i saw some of Sierra in Ember when you posted the last set of pics before this post. Your kids are so stinking adorable!!

  • ooooh! The new pictures of Ember are BEAUTIFUL! She looks so adorable and the lighting is perfect and soft! I love all the shots that Sierra got of you and Ember! So sweet! The last one of everyone that Brooklyn took is so cute too! You sound much happier and more adjusted…and it only took you a couple weeks! Sometimes I feel like I'm still not adjusted to everything with 3 kids and Levi is almost 3! lol 😉 You are such a good Mommy. Oh and I SUPER love the couple of shots you took while holding Ember! I love that they are really close up! (Since they were shot with a 50mm…I know that's not easy to hold a camera out and grab a shot like that!)

    Oh and SCORPIONS?!? I would be a paranoid mess thinking about those! YIKES!

  • What adorable pictures! You did a great job with those! You are such a good mommy, I wish I'd been in the frame of mind to take pictures of my newbie's and myself like that.

    Oh my word, scorpions?!? Have you ever had one in your house? I'd be as good as worthless while screaming on top of a counter!

  • For Payson's stinky diapers: Have you ever done probiotics with him? They have helped that problem with some of my kids a TON. There are a lot of different ones, but since I know you like Costco, there is one there we like by Phillips called Colon Health, you can pop the capsules open and dump them in their drinks or food.

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