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I had such an amazing day today! Everything went well and I got SO MUCH done!
I got up two hours before the older kids… well, I should back up…
Last night I got some sleep! Not solid sleep or anything, of course, but sleep nonetheless! I slept on the couch the entire night and Ember, for the first time ever, slept without a boob in her mouth! She would nurse and then pull off and fall asleep against my chest. It was so sweet. I would prefer to sleep in my bed, of course, but I’ll take sleeping with a non-squirmy/non-whiny baby on my lap 🙂

So this morning when Allan went to work Ember was sound asleep and instead of sleeping along with her I decided to get up and clean some stuff up for my sanity. And then I even ate breakfast. Yay for nutrition.

The kids all got up late for a change (8:30am) and having that extra time cleaning in a quiet house put me in a great mood.

Ember latched on well all day again today 🙂 Nursing her after two solid weeks of so much effort and feeling like it would never be easy is amazing! I can’t believe it’s working! Thanks for all the supportive comments the last couple weeks about nursing… they really gave me hope 🙂

The rest of the day was spent taking care of kids and all that good stuff.
In the afternoon I had a doctor appointment with my primary care physician for a follow up to my ER visit. I got there on time, with five minutes to spare actually, and put Payson in the stroller so that he couldn’t run away from me (which is his new favorite thing to do at the doctor’s office) and Brooklyn was deemed my helper and pushed the stroller and entertained Payson and read to Sierra while we waited.

Ember got fussy once in the exam room but after 5 minutes of nursing was fine and slept soundly through my appointment and my blood draw (they’re checking my iron and electrolyte levels). I was relieved when five minutes of nursing put her to sleep. She usually nurses for thirty minutes or more!

We got home and I fed the kids and then nursed Ember.

And to my surprise she slept soundly for thirty minutes.

The girls have done some school stuff this week. I haven’t taken pictures, though. I’m always holding Ember 😉

A few pictures…
Taken just before I nursed Ember last night.

Sierra showing me her and Brooklyn’s lollipops from the doctor’s office.

Sleeping without mommy?

The kids are all still obsessed with her. Every single time I come out of my bedroom with her all three of them sprint for the bathroom to wash their hands.

Two weeks and things are still CRAZY but I’m finally feeling in the groove as a mommy to four!

9 thoughts on “Mommy Groove

  • Hi -I've been following your blog for several weeks now. You seem to have such a sweet spirit for being a Wife and Mother. Congratulations on your new addition to your family.
    I look forward every evening to checking your blog.


    Jill C.

  • LOVE that last shot of all of you together! 🙂 You look so happy and beautiful! You are a wonderful Mommy! I have no clue how you are doing it all, but I salute you! 😉 Yay for feeling the mommy of 4 groove today! 😉

  • Can I just say, you look amazing!! And kudos to you on finding your groove! Even with my “easy” baby, it took me quite a while. I love the pic of all the kids around Ember where Payson is right up in her face. So precious!

  • great pics. I'm so glad you had a great day. Give it a few more weeks and you won't know what you did without 4.
    God has truely blessed you with a beautiful family.

  • I'm 21 with no kids…and I wish I looked as good as you with barely any sleep haha!
    Ember is gorgeous I'm loving that sweet little pink tutu outfit.

  • I love the first black and white photo of the kids! The look on Brooklyn's face looking at Payson is just precious!! You can tell she is in total awe of this time. Glad you're feeling better and that you've got your groove on!

  • So happy to read that you had a wonderful day! Sounds like you're hitting your stride! The photos are so sweet…especially the close ups of little Ember sleeping and the one of you and the kids gathered around her.

    Continued blessings to you!

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