My Little Two

It’s funny having enough kids to say the older two and younger two. Though pairing Payson with Ember seems crazy to me because Payson looks so huge next to her! I swear he grew a foot and gained 10 pounds while I was in the hospital last week! I came home to a giant toddler!

A giant toddler who is in love with, and equally confused by, this new baby in our home.

He watches me nurse her and he has this look on his face like he’s trying to figure out why in the world mom would let baby suck on her boob like that! lol

He loves looking at all of Ember’s little parts. He wants to point out and talk about her hands, feet, cheeks, ears, nose, etc, every single time he sits next to her.

The girls were in timeout today during outside time.
So I went ahead and took a couple timer pictures of me and my little two.

Payson decided he wanted to help out and he ran back and forth pushing the shutter and giggling like crazy.

He is SUCH a cute little kid! I can’t get enough of him 🙂

7 thoughts on “My Little Two

  • I love seeing all the photos on your blog and have to say I admire you for getting the photos taken and, more importantly, for being present in your photos yourself. A great reminder to other Mum's to be included in the photos for later years. x

  • She is so alert in these photos!! I remember whne you guys were fascinated with the babies little parts too! Very cute! You look really fabulous Tiffany!! I pray that means your health is better!

  • Payson is so cute with little Ember! Such a good big brother:) I have 2 little boys and chuckle when I see Payson in the same Target clearance shirts as my kiddos! Gotta love those clearance racks…:)

  • Oh that last photos is perfect! Little Payson's face, Mommy's smile, and baby Ember just as alert as can be! You look GREAT by the way for just having a baby!

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