It is 7:15am

It’s 7:15am and I have been up since 5.

Sierra’s been up for a while, too. She is our early, early riser.

Allan is getting ready for work.

And then he is burping Ember while waiting for his carpool.

I’m taking medicine and then nursing Ember.
Within ten minutes Brooklyn and Payson will be out of their rooms. The room will be filled with a horrible odor from Payson’s diaper. Brooklyn will be asking me a thousand questions. Her mouth will not stop moving again until late tonight when she falls asleep.
The noise level will be very high. Things will get crazy fast.

And I will want to sleep.

Good morning.

3 thoughts on “It is 7:15am

  • What a sweet snapshot of the morning. Love those quiet moments. We have an early riser too, it's nice until winter comes and we are up in the dark.

  • Ohhhh, Ariana I feel bad for you! Only cuz I understand how you feel! I wish I could make things easier for you right now. My heart is hurting for you because of all the stuff you have HAD to deal with. I am so sorry! 🙁 Just remember that this will pass and life will get more manageable. I don't think it gets easier, just that your tolerance gets higher. 🙂 You really are a strong woman. And most of all you have a beautiful family that loves you.

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