I Love My Hospital So Much I Decided to Visit!

Because life hasn’t been very exciting I decided that an ER visit was needed last night.

In the evening I nursed Ember while Allan made us a frozen pizza and we watched Beyond Survival together.

About ten minutes after eating I started having severe pain all through my chest and upper back and could barely breathe.
It was pain twice as bad as labor.

After I had Payson I started having gall bladder attacks. I remember the first one I had I thought I was having a heart attack! I didn’t know anything about gall bladders back then.

So last night the pain was much worse than any gall bladder attack I’d ever had but I still figured it was just that… a gall bladder attack and though I felt like I was dying I figured I’d just sit and wait it out. The longest attack I’ve ever had was 30 minutes. I could do thirty minutes of pain.

But the pain didn’t stop at all. In fact it felt like it got worse. My chest and back were on fire and I couldn’t breathe well. It was so scary!

Allan and I were standing there in a kind of panicked uncertainty. Should we call an ambulance (me= no way!), should we call (and wait for) a babysitter, should we call Allan’s parents, should we just drive to the hospital with the kids and have Allan drop me off??

After more excruciating pain we got the kids up and loaded them into the car to head to the hospital. Allan called his mom to meet us there. I was in so much pain I was starting to feel like I was going into shock.

Allan kept asking me questions about my pain and where it was and how bad and what I thought was wrong and I was getting SO upset! I wanted to scream, “I have no idea what’s happening!!”

I really felt like I was dying. I was scared. It’s crazy that something not deadly can hurt that bad.

Allan kept telling me to just focus on breathing since I kept holding my breath from the pain. That was really helpful! I forgot to breathe during the car ride! lol

At the ER Allan’s mom held Ember in the parking lot and stayed at our car with our kids while Allan came in with me to figure out what to do. I told him where my breastmilk is stored and how to heat it up and the doctor told Allan as much as she could (they seemed to think gall bladder attack, too) and then Allan went home with the kids and his mom.

I got an IV and pain meds. My goodness pain meds are awesome! I got a catheter for a urine check (holy crap those hurt! Luckily I was in so much other pain I didn’t care!) I got a chest xray and a full abdomen ultrasound.

It was my gall bladder after all. And my stomach. My poor stomach and gall bladder are pretty upset.

I felt so bad for waking Allan’s mom up in the middle of the night to come help. She left our house at 2am so probably didn’t get to sleep until after 3 and has to get up early for work (she teaches first grade). I feel awful for how tired she must be today 🙁

Allan decided to work from home today to help me out in case I was feeling yucky and also because he only got 4 hours of sleep.

I have a prescription for an acid reducer for the gastritis (what I have, involves the stomach lining) and vicodin for the chance that there is another attack (hopefully with diet there will be no more! I’ve successfully helped my gall bladder in the past with diet).

Today I feel okay. I mostly just have a headache, one I’ve had since Ember was born, and I feel a little nauseated from the acid reducer meds. It’s a pain to pump and dump for a few hours after I take the acid reducer but it’s only once a day so that’s not too bad.

I took a couple pictures of the kids yesterday afternoon when they were playing outside. I also managed to snap one of them all together.

The kids just love their baby sister.

Yesterday we did manage to do a little bit of school. We did math and writing and Sierra did this little game where I blew a bubble and she had to shout out a word that starts with the letter ‘b’ before it was done.

I put Ember inside while I washed the kids’ feet (they’d played in water and grass and dirt) and Payson really wanted to see her.
I’m glad Allan’s home today. I feel alright but Ember’s wanted to nurse ALL DAY long. She’s unusually cranky today. Allan’s helping with the other kids while I basically nurse her nonstop.

11 thoughts on “I Love My Hospital So Much I Decided to Visit!

  • Oh Ariana, I had a feeling something was happening when you hadn't posted or had a twitter update. I am so sorry you had to go through all that pain. I can only imagine how worried you were. I hope that the attacks stay away and that your life will get back to a smoothe sailing path that we all desire! Hugs to you!

  • Oh my gosh. You need a break!! My first thought was that you can always call me when you need some help. A lot of good that does! I'm sorry.

  • I remember when you went through that after Payson. What a nightmare!! Ugh, hope you feel better soon. Do they have any idea why it's happened so soon after your deliveries? I wonder what the connection is…
    In that pic with the 4 kids together, I could about die over how sweet the two big girls look while they hold their baby sister.

  • That sounds terrible! You seem much better though so that is a good thing. My mother-in-law had a gallbladder attack last weekend and ended up in the ER. She is having hers removed this Friday.

    Your kids are precious and I hope things start going more smoothly. You are in my prayers!

  • Oh, I am soooo sorry!!! I had gallbladder attacks after my first son and I remember thinking I was dying as well. I guess it is pretty common after having a baby. I'm also sorry that right now life is hard… when I was reading yesterday's post (even though I don't know you at all) I wanted to drive down there (I live in Canada) and watch your kids so you could have a nap..hehe. Hugs to you and your family at this trying but wonderful time.

  • Oh my, I'm so sorry you had to go through all that pain! Wow.

    I LOVE that black and white picture of Brooklyn holding Ember. TOO CUTE.

  • hope you get well soon. I feel you should take a break. I watched in awe when you started getting back to your chores after a week having amber. Please don't get me wrong giving birth is such a miraculous thing but what your body goes through during this period is awful. you seriously cant expect your hormones to be normal the next day after having a baby. 9 months of continuous change cannot be fixed right away. if you try too hard your mind will definitely play tricks. and the outcome may sometimes even be a physical complication. In most Asian countries you have to rest a good 3 months after having a baby. Even in my country the maternity leave is 4 months. usually mom and mom-in-laws take care of all the house work. its crazy over here. I'm not telling to rest for 4 months. you just need to be mentally relaxed. please try to get some help during day time. your family is too precious to experience unfortunate incidents. you and Allan are awesome parents. you deserve the best of everything life can offer.

  • I'm so sorry! You actually have 2 of the risk factors for gallbladder problems (fecund and female – the other 2 are 40's and fat). My husband went through an excrutiating year of gallbladder attacks. My advice – TAKE IT OUT! It was 1 week of post-surgery recovery, a second week of taking it easy (we went to Hawaii!), and he's never had one ounce of problems since. Although I don't know you, I wish I lived in Arizona to come give you a break!

  • you get everything i have had lately! we MUST be related! sorry to have passed on such awful health issues. i refuse for them to take my gall bladder out too & i watch what i eat. i can't do certain foods without sure pain!! i LOVE that picture of all the kids looking down at her with such pride & joy in their faces. i also think the one of payson peeking at her through the window is precious! missing you a LOT!! ahhhhhhh…..

  • My heart went out to you on the day I read this! I could empathize with how you were feeling and how panicked you must have been. I experienced something similar a few years ago (and had the same symptoms you described), except mine were caused by esophageal spasms related to acid reflux. I, however, did not have a newborn baby and 3 other children to worry about! It was hard enough with my two boys.

    Prayers and feel better wishes coming your way! Take advantage of any extra help that is offered to you! You truly need time to rest and recuperate.

    Take care!

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