Out With Four

I put Ember in the moby wrap for the first time today.

She really, really, really loves it!

I had to go to the store to get a nursing bra. I only have one and everytime I wash it, which is often, I have to wear a regular bra and it’s such a pain!

Traveling is a big pain in the butt now because my car is packed. There isn’t room for groceries and it’s hard to get all the kids buckled and in and out.

But it was way cheaper than a minivan and has much better gas mileage so it’s worth the struggle.

I’m feeling much better today with the antibiotics and tylenol. The only pain I have is right before it’s time to pump or nurse and my lower back. But my lower back pain has nothing to do with infection, my lower back hurts for a good year after every pregnancy 😛

And just like that, I really have to go… Ember just woke up and is crying to be nursed and all three of my other kids are wailing about going outside to play.

8 thoughts on “Out With Four

  • It sounds like you've had more going on than your fair share, but I'm so glad to read that you're feeling better! To be honest, after reading the last post, I was shocked to see these pictures of you and ALL 4 kids out running errands! You are one tough mama! 🙂 You look amazing, and I hope you continue feeling better each day.

    I also have to say, Payson's facial expressions just crack me up! He is such a little character!

  • your family is so adorable, your blog makes me can't wait for my own one day!
    I agree with Payson's facial expressions haha!

  • Oh I'm so glad Ember likes the moby. Leah has never loved to be worn. Erica and Graham practically lived in their baby carriers (the ring sling for Erica, the moby for Graham), but Leah never really liked it at all. She barely tolerated it for a bit. I think it would have made my life much easier if she liked to be worn. But we deal. And I hear you on the car loading/unloading thing. I have a minivan, so the space isn't an issue. But getting everyone in their spot and buckling/unbuckling takes forever. I can tack a good solid 5 minutes to our time to get anywhere because of it.

  • Love all the pics. So glad you are feeling better. After reading this post I realized I desperately needed to clean out my minivan.Lol. All 4 of them look so cute together. 🙂

  • Glad you are feeling better! I am *IMPRESSED* that you are already out & about with four kiddos…. you are an amazing woman!!!

    Ember is simply beautiful by the way 🙂 Congrats again!

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