5 thoughts on “Cute Feeties

  • So sweet! Baby feet are one of my favorite things about newborns. I love the glimpses you are sharing of your life with your newest baby. It sure is making me feel sentimental, since my “newborn” is already 10 months old. Ember is an absolute doll!

  • Congrats again on Ember's arrival!! She is adorable, but ALL your kids are, so would we expect anything less?!?!! Take is easy and enjoy every minute!!


  • I just saw your latest tweets, um…ouch! Been there. πŸ™ You'll feel a thousand times better when those meds start working! And cold cabbage….lots and lots of cabbage leaves!

  • wanna kiss 'em. i already told you i had that same thing with kyle! hurt so bad, then when you are sore “down in the nether regions” well, let's just say, “whaaaaaa” along with ember! missing you!

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