Good and Bad Times

Adjusting is hard. Even with a generally happy baby and a husband home and helping out a lot, hormones and fatigue are taking a toll.

I find myself crying randomly throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if something is happy or sad, I’m crying about it.

I guess that’s the baby blues kicking in. They usually last for me for a week or two and then even out. I hope that’s the case this time around because the emotional mood swings are exhausting.

I’ve been taking pictures every day. Mostly of what’s happening at any given time of the day. Allan working on his computer at the counter, Allan making lunch for the kids, the kids playing with their toys, Ember asleep in the middle of my bedroom, the piles and piles of baby crap everywhere (lol), our messy house, our clean house (thanks to Allan and the girls this morning!), a few family pictures, and lots of other random stuff.

But when it comes time to blog I focus on the ones of just Ember since I figure everyone just wants to see the baby, right? lol

Oh gosh is she a funny little thing. Making life difficult with her nursing issues but so very sweet at the same time!

She’s actually not a big fan of this teddy bear that makes soothing baby sounds. She couldn’t care less about white noise or being rocked… she wants mom’s boobs and that’s it. Except then she screams at mom’s boobs for ten minutes before latching on and promptly falling asleep.

I’m going to have to visit a lactation consultant soon. Ember will latch on eventually and nurse well for 10-20 minutes but getting her to latch on is a huge struggle.

Uh oh…

Swaddling is good.

13 thoughts on “Good and Bad Times

  • I have to thank you for your openly honest posts. It's nice to see another mother struggle with these issues, and be honest about it!
    Glad to hear you get to see a lactation consultant, they really help!
    Hang in there, and can I say I'm so jealous your baby blues only last a week or two! Although I know it seems like forever!

  • It is great to see the baby! She is so adorable! Oh I love the newness of all these pictures. Awesome!

    Hope you start feeling yourself again really soon and I hope that you get the nursing issues all squared away!

  • What a cute little girl. Good luck with the baby blues. Hope they pass soon.
    Also, Jon sneaks peaks every once in a while when I'm reading up on my friends, and any time he sees your page up, he comments on what a great job you do photographing your children. (I obviously agree with him.) Photographing kids is not easy, and you do it so well.

  • Thank you for taking the time to post and share during this busy time!

    Ember is absolutely adorable, and your photos are beautiful! I loved the photo you shared a couple of days ago…you and the kids all sitting around Ember, admiring her. Payson looked smitten…like he was reaching toward her with such a gentle hand. And can I just tell you how badly these pictures of Ember cozily sleeping in a mound of plush blankets make me want a baby snuggle? 🙂 The last 3 pics are hysterical…especially the close up of her little disgruntled face!

    I hope your hormones even out soon. It's a good thing that you are aware of your body and understand what's going on, but I know it doesn't make things easier. Hang in there and continue soaking up every moment of this very precious time!

  • We had latch issues my last baby as well. After about 4 days I had to start pumping and giving her a bottle so I knew she was getting enough to eat. I still tried to nurse her everytime but she just couldn't get the hang of it. At about a week old she finally got it and I stopped pumping all together.

    Now we have the opposite problem…she's almost 15 months and I haven'te got her weaned. 😉

  • Janel, tell Jon thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Amanda, that's encouraging to hear. I occasionally give her bottles when she just won't latch at all and I tell myself, that's it, no more trying to nurse, I can't take it anymore. But then of course I try again the next time and sometimes she latches right on.

    Hopefully as she gets older it'll get easier.

  • If breastfeeding is something you really want to do, don't give up. Leah had a really hard time latching as well, and like Ember, when she'd finally get it, she'd fall asleep. I pumped and gave her a bottle for 5 weeks. Around 3-4 weeks is when I had decided I wasn't going to try getting her to latch anymore, but then I did try again. Slowly she got the hang of it. Then eventually I was able to stop pumping altogether, and now she won't even take a bottle. She's a total booby baby. If you really want it to work, don't give up. Take a break if you need to, but keep putting her to the breast a couple times a day at least. She needs practice. It took Leah “growing into me” before it got easier. Now it's cake.

  • Amber, good to know about Leah being such a boob baby after having a difficult start.
    Ember latches on perfectly half the time (and nurses well for 10 minutes before completely falling asleep) and then the other half no matter what I do she freaks out on the breast. Most times after ten minutes of struggling she does latch on.

    I pump and give her bottles about two to three times a day out of ten+ feedings. The weirdest part is she most definitely prefers the breast, just gets pissed at it a lot.
    Even now, I'm not engorged at all anymore but she has a hard time latching. I'm really considering a nipple shield.

    Woah, that was lots of boob talk. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation about something that didn't involve boobs! lol
    (Oh yes I can, last Sunday! ha)

  • Ariana…with my youngest I pumped into bottles for about the 2nd-6th weeks of his life until he got the hang of it. Whatever works!

  • I had a lot of success with the shield with my kids. My oldest (who would also scream every time I tried to nurse her from day one) used it for a month and my second used it for about a week. I bought one to have ready with me when our newest baby comes this week. I think the main reason it helps me is that I am a little inverted, making it hard for the baby to latch.

    Some nursing books etc are really negative about shields, but the current design doesn't have the issues the older versions did. I also think they have a huge advantage over pumping because it saves so much time and energy!

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