6 thoughts on “Bathing Baby

  • There isn't anything like that clean fresh baby smell. She looks like she enjoyed her bath. Ember is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you guys. 🙂

  • This is the reason the word “PRECIOUS” goes with the word “BABY”. Missing you something fierce and don;t even get me started about emotions these days!! I would love to fly there & just forget all this. But right now I'd be one more body in the way! So I will just post my prayer here and let God breathe it into her ear instead!!

    Father God, wrap Your loving arms around this sweet new child. Help her to know w/o close proximity, but just in her spirit, that her G'ma loves her beyond measure. Give her a desire to want to feel close to us! Father God, heal Tiffany's body so that she has the energy & stamina to do all that is required of her right now. Let there be more joy than stress & let the light of Jesus always quiet & calm her heart! I ask this in the precious name of our Lord Jesus! Amen

  • Congratulations!!! She is BEAUTIFUL and seems to look like her big brother, is that right? She makes me want to have another one…I think I need to quit looking at your blog for a while..hehe.

  • so adorable!!! she looks so much like sierra..right? you are one remarkable mother. you get my vote for being the supermom!! congratulations once again..and don't worry the phase you are in now will soon be over. I ADORE YOUR BLOG.

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