Lots of Emotions, No Time

I have about a million thoughts and experiences that I’m wishing I could get written or typed before I forget but I just can’t find two minutes to sit down and do it!

For now, taking lots of pictures (that will temporarily go unblogged to save time!) will have to do.

If I don’t get off this chair and go spend time with my husband while I nurse Ember I think I’ll cry! I am SO needy for Allan this week and I barely see him because we’re both so busy with the kids 🙁
He is the best husband.
Oh and I should say, Ember is a little angel. I really couldn’t imagine a sweeter little baby. I’m so in love with her I don’t ever want to put her down. I feel like crying when I have to go take care of the other kids while she naps because I just want to sit and cuddle her.

Oh boy, better stop typing before these hormones surge and I start crying! I have my baby to cuddle and my husband to cuddle and cuddle I’m going to go do!

7 thoughts on “Lots of Emotions, No Time

  • Just looked at your blog…..yay! She is here! How wonderful! She is beautiful and reminds me of your baby boy….good luck with all the craziness of 4 little ones!

  • I feel for you, I really do! I've been there and those hormonal changes are the pits. It doesn't seem fair when all you want to do is enjoy your baby, and then having to deal with that, it's cruel! Hang in there, and what an adorable baby!

    Oh – I totally understand being attached your your husband. I was the same way, why is that do you think? Just being near him made me feel better! 🙂

  • I can see a lot of Payson in her in the third one from the top. 🙂 I didn't “know” your girls as babies, so it's harder for me to compare them! I just love looking at your newborn pictures…I find myself clicking over a few times a day to get my fix 😉 haha

  • Wow! When I looked at Payson in the blog header and then the 3rd pic of her I could totally tell they were siblings. 🙂 Enjoy your girl!

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