I Have Sweet Neighbors

One of my neighbors brought over a baby gift this morning. She also got all four of my kids pajamas and a storybook. She also got me lotion and made cookies. Sweet, huh? Most of my neighbors are retired and the kindest people! I love them.

Brookyln’s pajamas are size 5T so, way too small. That actually works out perfectly, though because she’s the only one I’d bought new pajamas for this year already! Sierra can wear both the pair she just got and Brooklyn’s.

Except see how Brooklyn’s wearing the pajamas in those pictures? She’s gonna freak when I suggest she give them to Sierra. When I told her they were size 5 and probably not going to fit she said,
“No, no, I like them short, I hate pants that go to my feet!”

And she’s being honest, she HATES passing down clothes so has decided she prefers her pants short 😛

Friday Fun

I really, really adore my baby girl.

I cleared the blankets out of her bassinet to try to get her to sleep in there. She’s been sleeping in a reclined bouncy chair.

I was surprised when she fell asleep!

Here’s the trick… I blow dry my hair nearby and the sound soothes her to sleep.

Her taking a nap while not in my arms allowed me to do a lot of cleaning.

The older kids had been coloring. Since Ember was sleeping I wisely decided to put Payson down for a nap, too.

I wish October could start over again so that I could spend more time doing Halloween crafts and activities. I love Halloween!

I think this is the first time my counters have been cleared off since Ember was born!

Ember was still asleep after doing the dishes and cleaning the counters and doing the laundry so I started the girls on some Halloween painting.

She woke up a couple minutes later, though. So I nursed her at the table while the girls finished painting.

Pretty much always a spill when it comes to my kids.
That night there was a church Halloween party so I got the kids all dressed up. Allan came home and dressed up, too. I wanted to get a picture or two but we didn’t have time 🙁
(I’ll take pictures Sunday)

We had a lot of fun at the party. Brooklyn said it was the best night ever. I spent pretty much the whole time nursing Ember or rocking her and by the end of the night my back was killing me!

But it was fun. One of my favorite parts was watching the girls participate in this:

Sierra giggled a lot.

I think this was Brooklyn’s favorite part of the night, too.

I just realized I took cellphone pictures of my own makeup before heading out… I wasn’t in costume yet (I was a witch), but at least I snapped these:

We got home late and Ember was really fussy so I didn’t have a chance to shower or take off my makeup.
This morning my makeup was all weird and smudged half off and my hair looked pretty awful.

My hair was reeeally nasty. All crispy from the green hair spray I’d used.

Allan, on the other hand, looked pretty darn cute this morning, heading to a scouts meeting 🙂

Random one from Thursday, Ember loves Allan. He calms her down so much. Every time he talks her eyes get big and she turns to look for him.

Three Halloweens for Sierra!

Sierra’s class had a little Halloween party today. She even got to go on a little walk and go trick or treating.
Brooklyn was really jealous until Sierra told her she’d share her candy.
We’re doing a church Halloween thing tomorrow and then the real Halloween on Sunday so Sierra’ll get three Halloweens!

It was a huge ordeal getting Sierra to her class in time, as usual. Every single stinking day that we have activities for the girls (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) I’m kicking myself for signing up for them.
What was I thinking?! I have a newborn for crying out loud, why am I leaving the house three times a week?!

I know I was thinking the girls needed something like this and this time of year is when the best classes are offered. Doesn’t make it any easier getting four kids out the door. I used to have a hard enough time going places and getting the kids on task enough to get ready but with Ember crying hysterically if I set her down in the mornings… mornings are just not fun for me.
Mornings make me want to run away from home.
For real.

But the second we get there and everyone is where they should be things are SO GREAT. Whichever girl is in class is thrilled to be with her friends having fun and the other girl is thrilled to get to go to the park and play with mommy and Payson.

Brooklyn is so cute with Payson these days. When Sierra’s not around Brooklyn treats Payson like her little buddy and they get along really well.

I took some timer pictures today. Being busy and having Ember strapped on my front made it difficult so I didn’t even look through the viewfinder to set the focus. I just aimed the camera in the general spot of where we’d be standing and pressed the shutter.
So that’s why the pictures with me in them aren’t in great focus 😉

Payson was begging me to ride on this thing since he was riding on one across from me. He cried when I only sat on it for a few seconds. I didn’t want to break it! lol

We had a lot of fun swinging together. We spent a good twenty minutes swinging like that.

Well, not like that ^ I sat on the swings for a minute with Ember and then pushed the kids the rest of the time 🙂

I asked Sierra how much candy she got and she told me five pieces! (It was more like 15)

Brooklyn was being extra nice to Sierra since she was getting candy, too. ha

We went to WalMart before heading home because I needed nursing pads. Glamorous life I lead.

I nursed Ember in the car for what felt like forever. It was lunchtime at this point and I’d fed and packed things for the kids but not for me so I ate a third of a can of fat-free pringles and three rice cakes in the car while breastfeeding.
Not healthy but hey, I was really hungry!

Payson started crying after a while because he was hot. When Ember finished nursing I stripped Payson to his diaper and sat him right in front of the air conditioning with me. He loved that. I didn’t because he wouldn’t stop messing with all the buttons and levers 😛

We got home and I immediately started on dinner (pot roast in the crockpot, I can’t have any of the meat, though. boo hoo) and lunch and while I did the kids attacked the Halloween costume box.

I also realized I should snap a picture of Ember since I didn’t take any of her today. That headband is from Sierra’s dress up clothes. lol. The girls love her wearing it.

And lastly, cell phone shots from yesterday:

And from today:

Putting on the Pudge

Ember had her one month checkup today.
At birth she was 7lbs 11oz. At one week she was 7lbs 7oz. And today she was 9lbs 7oz! Yay! (Payson was 9lbs 8oz at birth!)

After her bath this morning I let her lay around and air dry. She loved it.

I absolutely love that belly! And those feet! Babies are so dang cute and have the sweetest little baby parts ♥

She was happy for most of the day today 🙂

She does get REALLY fussy when I have to put her down when I’m getting things ready to go. So today I had Brooklyn gently rock her bouncy chair and Ember loved that and even fell asleep!

After Ember’s checkup we stopped by Target to look for a dress for church for Brooklyn. She owns only one dress and has been wearing it over and over to church for months.

I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the dresses they had, I really, REALLY hate the trend of dressing our 7 year olds like teens, but I did find a couple that worked well enough.

And Brooklyn was super excited about all of them.

After Target we hurried over to Brooklyn’s gymnastics class. I walked around with the little kids while we waited. Sierra had to pee and I was once again amazed that she’s completely over her fear of public restrooms!

But after taking that picture I noticed this sign way up high on the wall:

Oops! But since I’d already broke the rule I went ahead and took another two pictures. It’s really too bad I can’t wear sunglasses all the time, they cover my dark circles and red eyes. lol

It was dark by the time we left.

And that was our busy day.

I Don’t Like Tuesday Mornings!

I signed Sierra up for a fun class for four year olds that meets twice a week for an hour. She loves it. There were two time slots available and I wisely signed up for the later one, knowing getting out of the house early would be darn near impossible with a newborn.

Problem is, despite my written and verbal signing up of the right class (the later class), they put her in the earliest one. And when I went to change it I realized her friend was in the earlier class so leaving Sierra in that one would be nice because of that.

So I left her in the early class and oh golly has that not been fun to get to in time! I have to leave the house by 8:30am at the very latest which wouldn’t be such a big deal if the hours of 5-8am weren’t Ember’s very crankiest. She wants to sit and nurse from 6-8am, NOT let me get the other kids dressed and fed!

So mornings two times a week suck. lol

But once we get there and Sierra skips into her class and Brooklyn, Payson, Ember and I head to the park, things are great.

Getting a bit wild on the playground toys.

Brooklyn loves mommy-ing her siblings.

Ember actually slept in places other than my arms today a couple times!

My messy counters make me twitch. I hate messes.

Uh oh, the camera woke her up…

Cellphone pictures of me and the girls…

And I took this just now. Nursing at 1am. Oh yeah, crazy late nights around here! Par-tay.

4 Weeks Old

I don’t know how it happened. Somehow these hours and hours of nursing and not sleeping and diaper changing and barely surviving and not coping and then coping and then not coping and baby crying and kids crying and did I mention the nursing, somehow these hours have added up to four whole weeks!

Time’s been flying by from day 1. The first week it made me sad, it still makes me kinda sad, but now I’m just embracing it. Each day gets a tiny bit easier so time moving on isn’t the worst thing right now. I like being here so much more than I liked being in the first few weeks.

With my other kids things happened so gradually that most of the time I didn’t even notice them growing and changing. With Ember that hasn’t been the case at all. She looks different every day! I notice tiny little changes in her all the time.

Today there was a big milestone met… her first real smile. She’s been giving me smiles for about a week but usually only once a day in the very early morning and while they were in response to my lovey talking to her they were quick and not repeated.

Today, however, they were so real! And she smiled at least five times 🙂

I even kinda caught a picure of one (picture later in this post!)

As far as everything else in life… I’m getting the necesseties met and not much else. I do dishes and make food and all that stuff but we still have yet to do much school (we’ve done four lessons in four weeks, that’s it!) and I really have no desire to start!

I actually used my time breastfeeding Ember at 2, 3 and 4am the last couple days to put together our school stuff and tomorrow is the day we fully start again. I wish I had another month off of teaching but I really can’t take any more time.

I think my kids are going to miss the three hours of TV they watch every day!

It’s taken four weeks for Ember to start liking tummy time. She used to hate it and wouldn’t lift her head at all. She now holds her head up a bit and wants to look around and really enjoys tummy time for a good ten minutes. As long as she’s not hungry, that is.

Such a sleepy girl. And yet doesn’t sleep. Except she’s sleeping soundly on my lap just now after nursing. Maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight for once?? Probably not, I’m sure she’ll wake up and cry the second I put her to bed or doze off myself.

She looks at my face while I talk to her now. She’s always looked at me but now she keeps looking at me. I took this picture holding the camera below my chin as I talked to her.

And caught a quick smile! She gives huge, wide open mouth smiles, it’s so cute!!

I missed her smile this time but caught just before and just after it.

This was only the third time I’ve let Payson hold Ember since she was born. He comes over and kisses her head and talks to her many times a day but luckily doesn’t think to ask to hold her much. He did today and I let him… and he did pretty well. I held my camera out behind me (hard to explain) while keeping a hand on Ember, to take this shot. Payson’s gentle because I’ve taught him to be but he still doesn’t have a real understanding of Ember being fragile.

Poor Sierra, every single time I’ve ever let her hold Ember, Ember ends up crying. It’s not anything Sierra does, it’s just bad timing! lol
Payson was crying because he wanted to hold Ember longer. He LOVES his baby sister!
Ignore Sierra’s bangs in her eyes in that picture. I was growing them out but caved and cut them tonight before bed because she pulls her clips out and the hair in her eyes was driving me nuts. lol

2 Second Weekend Post!

Weekends are crazy busy. (Of course when aren’t things busy?!)
Here are pretty much the only three pictures I’ve taken.

Watching the game.

Another mommy and Payson picture after church. Ember joined us this time.

Why I don’t take pictures of Ember more often:
Unless there’s a boob in her mouth she’s not the happiest baby.

Mommies Can’t Be Sick

Because the needs of these four little people don’t go away just because I feel awful.

So I put on my happy face and I do what little I can to take care of myself and I go on being mommy.

I didn’t remember just how expensive diapers are for newborns. Ember doesn’t fit into size 1 yet and the cheapy brand diapers start at size 1. So Pampers it is for now even though my wallet cries every time I buy a box.

You know what Ember really, really likes? Breastmilk.
I was wearing a white tank top in the middle picture, it kinda looks like a bra but it’s not 😉

Ember tricks mommy into thinking she’s deep asleep. What a funny joke it’ll be when the second mommy leaves the room the crying starts!

I love little baby kicks and spastic movements! I’d forgotten all about these! The squirms and grunts and funny faces are also fun to watch 🙂

Happy baby!

I’d be mortified if anyone heard the stupid things I come up with when I’m talking to Ember (in a sappy, high pitched baby voice, nonetheless) but she loves to listen.

Cute little belly button!

“This is how you burp her, huh mom?”

Back in 2008 I took some pictures of me and the kids by our neighborhood park. They have always been some of my favorites and so today driving home I thought, I have four kids now, I should retake those shots!

Here are the three from 2008:

And here are some from today 🙂

Payson was thrilled when I let him push the shutter again.

I love this one that Payson took!

I don’t feel very well but I sure do love my kids!