Delayed? I’ll Be Pregnant Forever?!

I got a call at 1am that the hospital was too busy for me to come in for my induction. And while that depressed me (I’m sooo impatient!) I knew that could happen so I can hardly pout about it, right?

Well I’m pouting! πŸ™
I want this all to be done. lol

And I’m a week early so I really have nothing to complain about. But the expectation is terrible.

I’m about to call the hospital just to ask if there is a possibility that I’ll still go in. I doubt they’ll be able to tell me anything concrete.

If I don’t go in for induction today I’m not going to reschedule one. There is no way on earth that Allan and his mom can take days off from work for this and have them be wasted. Those days off are needed for when I do have the baby!

I don’t really have much more to say. I hate the not knowing. I wish I’d never had an induction scheduled in the first place!

As of now there is still a small chance they’ll call me in for an induction. If not, I’ll for sure be pregnant until next week. And I’ll just have to look at the positive of baby having more time to grow in there.

8 thoughts on “Delayed? I’ll Be Pregnant Forever?!

  • Awww, man! As much as I was anxious to see the pictures of your new little one, I'm betting you were at least twice as anxious to hold her! Sending good baby vibes your way πŸ™‚

  • Wow, that's crazy that they canceled on you! I had 3 inductions and never had that happen. πŸ™ Seems so wrong! I'd be pouting too!

  • Awww poor thing πŸ™ I know that is disheartening when you have been “ready” for this day to come. Hope that you aren't waiting much longer and aren't feeling too uncomfortable. Hang in there. Hope you see your Ember soon.

    Lisa D. (in FLA πŸ™‚

  • I almost read your post without checking your Twitter update! Hang in there…it won't be long now until you meet that sweet baby girl face to face! Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way!

  • HORRAY! Tweeter says she is HERE! See, God knew she was coming so He 'delayed' the induction! Why waste the $$?? Now you can spend it on the beautiful new baby! WELCOME Ember Anya!

  • CONGRATS! I read on Twitter that your sweet baby girl is here! Seems like a pretty quick labor (and considering you were able to tweet through it…maybe not so bad?) Enjoy your newest little bundle! -Kendra p.s. LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I've been checking in throughout the day and was so happy to read your latest tweet! Blessings to you, Allan and baby Ember!

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