Until Baby is Here…

I probably won’t blog again until Monday sometime. I’m keeping my memory card empty and the camera batteries charged πŸ˜‰

I go in for my induction Monday morning at 3am. I’m planning on tweeting a little bit during labor and when the baby’s born so if you are really wanting to keep up with what’s going on as it’s going on you can follow me on twitter. But I also have my twitter updates in the left sidebar here on my blog so you can look for updates there, too.

I will also post here after the baby’s born when things have settled down πŸ™‚

And now I’m off to clean and cook some more in preparation for Allan’s mom coming over to watch the kids.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Until Baby is Here…

  • How exciting!!! In the midst of all the cleaning & cooking, I hope you'll carve out some time to rest! Well wishes, thoughts and prayers will be heading your way over the next few days, and I will certainly be checking your blog for the Twitter updates!

    Ember's little pink corner is darling, and I loved the photos of you and the kids in your last post.

    Congratulations again and best wishes to you and your growing family! Can't wait to see photos of the little one!

  • Best wishes for you and you're family tomorrow! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Take moments today to love your belly, and the feelings from within! Can't wait to meet your newest addition!

  • I can't wait to hear! I already follow you on twitter and they come to my phone so that's awesome! Good luck for a fast and safe delivery! I can't wait to see pictures!

  • Best wishes being sent your way tomorrow for a safe, quick & easy delivery. I bet you're not going to get much sleep tonight! The excitement and anxiousness I know is so much. Good luck with everything Ariana!

  • How exciting! Good luck with the delivery! Praying everything turns out perfectly for you and your family. Take care.

  • I hope all goes incredibly smooth and that you will be holding your newest little one in no time! I'll keep you in my thoughts today. Can't wait to see photos of her.

  • I know i am a stranger and its strange for me to comment like this but i read your blog daily and I am excited for you to have your baby gil and to see pics!! Good luck today!

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