Caffeine in my Veins

I would appreciate a caffeine IV from now until Monday.

Or I could borrow some of this kid’s energy.

Today I started organizing Ember’s little corner in our bedroom. All the pink makes me feel happy πŸ™‚

I’m eating a fourth of a watermelon as I type this. Yum.

I really love these little people that make me work so hard.

4 thoughts on “Caffeine in my Veins

  • Sometimes I wish we could have that energy bottled up for future uses. I needed some of that tonight. I am not a coffee drinker but needed to stay up and finish some hairbow orders so I had one. It worked… now I know why people are addicted to that stuff. Worked a little too good… would have fallen asleep at 8pm… it's now 1am.

    I love that little corner! Pink makes me happy too!

    You are so freakin pretty… I NEVER looked like that days before giving birth. Shoot I never looked like that throughout my who pregnancies!

  • You are almost there, how exciting! Will be thinking about you these last couple of days – enjoy your family this weekend before the new addition makes her antrance πŸ™‚

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