Last Week of Belly, Day 2!

Your linea nigra is showing!

Sunday I brought all my non-maternity clothes out of storage and washed them. Well, the larger sized non-maternity clothes, that is. I know I won’t fit into the regular sized stuff until next year.

I tried them on and Sierra joined me for a picture.

And then Brooklyn did, too.

Brooklyn took this one. She’s getting pretty sick of taking these, though! She’d rather take pictures of a pair of pants on the floor or the TV or the wall or her own feet. lol

But then she really, really wanted to take a picture of me with Sierra and Payson showing their bellies. Which I thought was funny.

But then Payson got violent with my belly. (Not really, but it looks like it, ha)

And then I told Brooklyn she needed to be in one of the belly shots, too!
I don’t know how much to blog about what else is going on this week. It’s pretty boring.

I feel like I really, really want a week off. Never before have I wanted time away from everyone as much as I do right now. Yesterday I called Allan at work and told him it’d work for me if he took the week off and stayed with the kids while I went away until next Monday. lol

But not really funny, because I’m serious 😛

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