have been my dreams of late.
I have 6 more days with this belly. Figured I’d take daily belly pictures this week.

These shots are SOOC/SOOS.
SOOC = Straight Out Of the Camera (unedited) and SOOS = Straight Out of the Shower (heh)

I’m in shock that exactly a week from now I’ll be holding my baby girl.
Shock, excitement, anxiety, impatience are my dailies.

Unrelated to anything baby, man oh man I dislike blow drying my hair.

4 thoughts on “Dark

  • Ariana— I am a friend from 2Peas. I just wanted to say that I love your blog— so honest and “real”. It's great and I relate to your posts. Hope the next week goes smoothly for you. You have to be one of the prettiest pregnant ladies around!!!

    Lisa D. (FLA SummerBaby)

  • Hi Ariana –

    I've been visiting your blog almost daily even though I don't comment often. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck next week! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Ember and hear how the little ones react to her arrival.

    I know you may not feel this way being so far along in your pregnancy, but you truly are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've seen! (I realize I'm echoing the comment above, but this it truly what I was planning to say!) You posted a bathing suit shot a while back where your belly was partially hidden. If I hadn't known better, I would have never guessed you were pregnant. You look wonderful…happy, healthy and glowing!

    Congratulations and best wishes to you and Allan!

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