4 thoughts on “Playing in his Baby Sister’s Carseat

  • It's a convertible car seat right? I love it! I got one for my daughter (Atalie) and I wish I would have had one for all of them. I like them SO much better than infant car seats. But hers is grey and baby blue. I wish it was pink 🙁

  • LOVE the hot pink! Do you have much stuff left over from the other girls or do you get to buy new? We don't even have kids and sometimes we still stop and say how cute the clothes are!

  • I do too, Jordan. Except I almost always purchase gender neutral! I totally splurged getting pink this time. It was only $55 and will last for over 2 years so I felt justified. lol

    Michelle, I'm glad to hear that you only used a convertible seat. I don't know why I ever used infant carseats. I much prefer to hold the baby when we're out. With Payson I don't think I ever took his carseat out of the car! If I did it was maybe once or twice and he outgrew that carseat fast. What a waste.

    Mrs. G, I do have a lot of stuff left. I didn't have to spend much money on this baby, thankfully. I did have to buy her all new clothes because I only had a couple outfits left from the girls. My kids really wear out their clothes fast.

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