Fully Dressed Bathing?

It started with a lazy breakfast of Jack in the Box french toast sticks.

I told Brooklyn to be really careful with the syrup because I didn’t want any spills.

She ended up dumping her entire container of syrup on her lap. Not purposefully or anything, she’s just extra clumsy I guess.

So of course I sent her to the bath and started a load of syrupy laundry. And while I did Payson decided that a bath sounded like something he’d enjoy, too, and helped himself into the tub.
I will admit my first reaction wasn’t that this was funny. Payson had a bath earlier and really didn’t need another and him being in the tub meant extra bending over and lifting for me and honestly just being awake at this phase in pregnancy is work enough. Any extra bending over to lift a kid out of a tub is aggravating 🙁
My back hurts!

I bent over and started to lift Payson’s soaking shirt off of him. I realized that taking an extra ten seconds to take pictures would be worth the waddle to the other room for my camera.

After snapping a few I set the camera down and stripped Payson’s clothes off. This diaper he was wearing was ruined, of course, and that sucks because I’d just changed him five minutes before so it was totally wasted.

In the two seconds it took me to wrap the diaper up and set it on a towel Payson took off to go back to the table to finish eating.
Life with kids is never dull, that’s for sure. I don’t photograph moments like this much because grabbing the camera is the last thing on my mind when I’m dealing with syrup messes and soaking wet kids in the house. lol
But, I’m glad I did today. I’m sure I’ll look back and think this was all hilarious. The waddling back and forth and lifting messy, wet kids up was “worth” at least that last picture! What a total clown!

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