Time Cannot Go Too Quickly

I’m 37 weeks along now. Full term. Only three more weeks! Well, if you’re counting (which I am), 2 weeks and 5 days.

That sounds so close, doesn’t it? I’ve reached that phase where I’m so anxious to have this baby! And also anxious to be able to live without pain. My backs/legs/neck/hips/uterus are not happy right now.

Yesterday morning the kids were laying together all cuddly and sweet. I ran for the camera, of course.

We had breakfast and then we plunged straight into schoolwork. After some worksheets and a language lesson I made them some edible playdough to play with while I cleaned the kitchen.

That darn kitchen just doesn’t stay clean for longer than five minutes!

Another thing that never stays done. Laundry. Hate it.

The only thing I took a picture of during the girls’ schooltime was when Sierra was measuring her length at birth and her current height and comparing the two. That was part of her all about me week.
Today I was feeling moody about things. Just tired and mopey about all the responsibilities I have that don’t go away just because my body hurts and I’m tired.

I decided I was going to find the little things that make me happy. Not only that I was going to write them down, I was even going to photograph some of them!

I started off with hard-boiled eggs. I love hard-boiled eggs because they’re super easy to make, they’re awesome protein and my kids love them.

And then I noticed my pile of thread on the counter (I’ve been making lots of stuff with felt) and boy do I love those colors!
If anyone knows where to find onesies in colors like those will you please let me know?! Just plain old onesies in super bright, happy colors.

Around this time I realized I didn’t take a belly shot for week 37 yet so I headed outside for it. My camera was being poopy about focusing and this is the only shot out of 20 that was focused. I think I look kinda moody.
I feel moody so I guess that works!

I don’t have too many pictures of my bare belly and looking back at pregnancy pictures those are the ones that interest me most so I took some in the mirror. I hate the way my stomach looks but a year from now I’ll love that I took these.

And then a nice, covered, “safe” belly picture. Ah, so much better with those stretchmarks hidden away from the world.

We went to register the girls for some fall classes. And then I had to stop at the store for some chicken for dinner. Before I went into the store with my kiddos I grabbed some gum. I love sweet mint Orbit.

The girls were happy in the backseat because a song they like was on.

Payson, on the other hand, was not happy. He is still in his cry-during-the-entire-drive-anywhere phase.

This is overexposed because I hadn’t messed with my settings yet but I love Brooklyn’s cute smile.

Brooklyn doesn’t like to be told no. Being told no turns her into a 2 year old.

But all is well five seconds later because there are live lobsters in the store.

Halloween stuff is out. Love it.

Payson is so different than the girls. Brooklyn and Sierra at his age would scream hysterically even being in the mask aisle. But not Payson… he thought they were scary but funny, too.

Brooklyn asked him if he wanted a kiss and he was saying, “Nooooo.”
And then we came home and did some fun stuff (post below), and I made dinner (took me a freaking hour) and we got the kids in bed and I edited these pictures and uploaded them and it’s now way too freaking late and we have a lot of appointments tomorrow to go to.
Gonna be a long day! Thankfully Allan’s going to be there for it all!

7 thoughts on “Time Cannot Go Too Quickly

  • It won't be long now. I know you will be happy to have all the belly shots down the road too.

    Love the two pictures of Payson with the scream mask!


  • I too was going to say Target has a brand out right now called “Little Seed” it is all simple, bright colored onsies, bibs, caps, etc. I think it is organic too.

    You look GREAT by the way!!!! 🙂

  • Aww, you look fantastic! 🙂

    And some days I read your blog and think we MUST share a daughter. My Lexi is JUST like Brooklyn. The crying after being told no always elicits this type of reaction. And the meltdowns…let's not even go there. I love my daughter to death and she has SO many awesome qualities…but man, she tries my patience every single day without fail.

  • Wishing you a quick and painless delivery. Those exist, right?

    Love hearing your stories and looking at your homeschooling activities. We homeschool also, although I can't say I'm as creative as you are with your kiddos. Kudos to you.

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