Preschool with Payson – Car Painting and Marble Run

The two things we did today especially for Payson were painting with hotwheels and having marble races using a pool noodle.

These pool noodles are on sale for 50 cents now and the marbles cost a dollar. So for $1.50 I entertained my kids for over an hour. I know they’ll be back to playing with it as soon as they get a chance tomorrow. They love it!

I loved it how Payson would say “yay!” every time he sent a marble down 🙂

The other thing we did for Payson was painting with cars.

This was a HUGE hit with him. HUGE! He really, really loved it. I’m going to have to let him do it again very soon.

No matter what we use to paint with (cars, toothbrushes, cotton balls, etc) he loves to use his fingers as well but this time besides touching the paint once he spent the entire time using the car.

Sierra was so adorable during this activity. I love the way she talks ♥

After washing their cars…

they spent a good hour playing with them on the train table.

5 thoughts on “Preschool with Payson – Car Painting and Marble Run

  • Ariana, the pool noodles with marbles is a brilliant idea and so is painting with cars. Oren will love you for this. haha I've been lacking creative ideas for his “school” time. Since the move, things are nuts with getting settled in and the thousands upon thousands of client photos I have to finish. Nuts but certainly better. 😉

    Either way, I'm still checking in on you and Ember and I cannot wait to see her sweet face!!!

  • I found your blog through a link on the WTM forums. It's beautiful, and you have beautiful children! I realy love the pool noodle idea. It's great! I'm going to try it.

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