Payson’s Daily Injury

Payson hurts himself every single day. Most days many times, actually. He climbs on everything in the house and falls constantly. Many times on purpose πŸ˜›

He cracks himself up when he dives off the couch with his arms stretched out in front of him.

If he trips and falls, the bigger the tumble the more he laughs.

Total football player in the making, right? lol
I try to tell myself that to deal with the annoyance of being the mom to such a wild child! While the vast majority of the time he gets right back up and goes, with a grin on his face, there are also several times a day where he gets a little too crazy and hurts himself. And cries and cries and cries. Boy does the kid like drama and attention!

He’s the only boy and the biggest drama queen! lol

This morning I heard him crying in his room, which isn’t totally unusual. Sometimes he waits in his pack n’ play for me to come get him. Though most of the time he does climb out and come to the door, so it was a little weird.

I picked him up and asked him what’s wrong and he just cried some more. I asked, “Do you want to eat?” he said, “No.” (WOAH! Payson turning down food, what the heck?!) I asked him if he needed a new diaper. He said no. I asked him if he wanted to color. He said no. I asked him if he had an owie. He said no.

I was standing there rocking him while he laid against me and wondering what was up with him. I thought maybe he’s getting sick or something.

And then after several minutes he pulled his hand up with elephant hanging from it to show me.

The strings on elephant’s nose were twisted around his finger and cutting off the circulation. And that was hurting him!
Mystery solved.

Leave it up to Payson to find the ONE thing in an empty room (besides his beds and blankets) to cause himself injury!!

I went ahead and cut the strings off elephant’s nose. Knowing Payson as well as I do he’ll twist his finger up tomorrow morning on purpose! lol

Unrelated to Payson’s self destructive tendencies, yesterday we ran to Target to return some stuff. We stopped at McDonald’s so the kids could play in the playplace. I was going to take them to the park but it was 101 outside!
Before I ordered us all fries to share I took the kids to the bathroom. And Sierra showed off how she isn’t at all scared of the hand dryer anymore!

And unrelated to that, a couple cute shots of Payson in the shopping cart.
I caught him sneezing…

He’s a crazy toddler and makes me day insanely busy but my gosh is he cute or what?!

4 thoughts on “Payson’s Daily Injury

  • Oh that happened to my 2 year old not long ago but with a rubber band… the kind I use for their hair… she put it around her wrist as a bracelet.

    Unrelated… I just bought my daughter those same bottles last month but she can't use them because the nipples flow is too much for her and she chokes. I guess I didn't look at them when I bought them. She is 5 months now and still struggles with them so I am gonna wait a while longer… but I love them they're cute!

  • How funny, Michelle. They're Payson's favorite bottle by far. Are the nipples that came with them size 2 or 3? They sell size 1 nipples at Babies R Us.

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