Not Shopaholics

Everyone in this family hates shopping!

First off, I know I’ve mentioned how my kids are hungry literally ALL DAY LONG.
I really mean it.

I can feed them a breakfast of: oatmeal, eggs, cheese, milk, and fruit with adult serving sizes and they will honest to goodness complain that they are starving 10 minutes later!!

So I try to bring snacks with us everywhere we go just to hold them over for the hour in between meals 😛
But they drop their snacks pretty much every trip which annoys the heck out of me.
So I’m going to sew them some bags to go around their necks to hold their snacks in.
But on this day I didn’t have time to sit and make something nice so I ran some yarn through some ziploc baggies and tied them around the kids’ necks.
The girls thought that was awesome!
Their outfits are a bit crazy (Payson in pjs to go to the store!) because it was laundry day!

Payson through a MAJOR fit about having yarn tied to his baggy. So I took the yarn out and let him just hold his. He’s usually (surprisingly) the one who doesn’t spill his snacks.

All of us went potty before leaving the house. But that fifteen minute drive was too much for me so first thing we did at Hobby Lobby was use the bathroom.
The girls didn’t go pee but for some reason Sierra decided to go in a stall and play with the lock so I made her wash her hands. And Brooklyn randomly touched something and decided she needed to wash her hands.

What’s this? A different bathroom? Total bathroom stops for a 2 hour trip from the house? Four!

When I took that picture I then turned to snap this is the mirror to catch Payson doing what he does very often. Grabs for my camera while begging, “I see?!”

Shopping makes us mad.

So I tell my kids not to stop in the laundry room because they get in my way when my arms are full of groceries to bring inside.
My kids then stand in the hallway. Which is still in the way 😛

Totally random but these yogurt bars from Costco are healthy and SOFREAKINGGOOD! They honestly taste like strawberry ice cream!

3 thoughts on “Not Shopaholics

  • Nicole, isn't Costco so cruel to have yummy summer-only things? lol
    I'm so glad I bought three boxes if they're not going to be around much longer!
    Same with their avocado hummus. Why can't they have it year round?? Yum!

  • We loved those yogurt bars also. Ours already quit carrying them. 🙁 They have them at Whole Foods but it's $4 for 4 bars…yikes.

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