My Little Kindergartner

Sierra has finished 4 kindergarten workbooks this summer. She begs to do school stuff all day long. She loves worksheets. Such a different child than her big sister!

She’s already reading and doing basic addition and subtraction.

I was at Borders a couple weeks ago and came across a book that is a full year of Kindergarten plans. A lot of the activities sounded like so much fun and poor little Sierra barely gets any special school time just for her, so I bought it.
Her first week went SO well! Brooklyn and Payson join in with a lot of the activities.

The first week of kindergarten Sierra learned about the letter ‘b’, circles and squares, autumn/trees, and started an “all about me” book.

I love that with homeschooling each kid gets to do three grades every year. lol
Brooklyn does her first grade stuff, some 2nd grade stuff, Sierra’s kindergarten stuff and Payson’s preschool stuff. Fun life!

The kids traced a bunch of objects to make circles.

We baked brownies since brownies start with ‘b’.

The girls never get sick of reading about the seasons.

All three finished a fall coloring page.

Enjoying those brownies we baked earlier. Allergy-ridden Payson had a mounds candy bar.

I traced the kids’ bodies on poster paper.

And they colored them in.

Sierra glued beads to a letter ‘b’ printable.

And then used toothpicks to make squares.

Which she turned into faces.

Brooklyn made a few other shapes on her page.

Payson just played with the toothpicks.

Sierra cut out circles from a highlights magazine.

Which she later glued to a balloon.

Here are the kids’ bodies almost completely colored in later in the week.
And much more but I haven’t got to those pictures yet and this is getting long!

I’m making a book from for each kid for the school year. It’s going to be AWESOME. They’ll be 12×12 and each 2-page spread will be one school week. The kids are super excited about them 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Little Kindergartner

  • When my oldest was in 1st grade we traced our bodies just like that and colored. But then for a health/science lesson we printed out images of different internal body parts: organs, bones, etc, and the kids glued them on where they belong. They loved it. I wish I could direct you towards some printables in case you were interested but that was several yrs. ago and I don't have the bookmark anymore. I'm sure some googling could remedy that. 🙂

  • Becky, the paper was a roll I got at WalMart in the craft section. It was super cheap, too. I think it was only $3 for a roll with enough paper for three kids' outlines with a few feet leftover.

    Tammy, we did the body outlines with the major organs drawn in when Brooklyn was 5 and then again last summer we did it and focused on the digestive system. And we're planning on doing it again in a few months!

    This time we'll focus on the respiratory and circulatory systems 🙂

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