It’s Cooling Down!

We will so not miss the summer!

One of the girls favorite things to do outside is to drive up to me on their big wheels and order food as if I work at a drive-thru restaurant.
We play this every time we play outside but today I told them instead of paying me with money (pretend money, of course) they could pay with a smiley face for a picture. lol

And holy cow do I like smiley faces better than money!

Oh poor baby. I have no idea why he was crying. He pretty much whines off and on all day long. lol

At some point I got sick of playing restaurant worker and told the girls they’d spent all their money. They had to earn it back by doing “chores” for me.
One of the chores was to sneak up and scare daddy. Another one was giving Payson a kiss.

While I sit in a chair and the kids play, Allan is working hard pulling weeds.

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