Still Too Hot

It really is still too hot outside to do things like walk around the arboretum. I don’t regret taking the kids, I just probably won’t venture out for nature walks for another month.
(The stump Payson’s sitting on is the same one he’s sitting on in my header. He begged me to help him up there and within seconds started whining to get down)

We did have a really good time despite being sweaty.

I took Payson’s shirt off and dumped water on him to cool him off a bit. He loved that and any time he saw a fountain after that he’d go over and put water on his head. lol

I gave the kids some coins to throw in and make a wish.

Brooklyn always wants to go into this cactus garden. It’s heated in there and not really fun (for me)… I mean, honestly we see cactus every single stinking day! We have lots of different kinds right behind our house! lol

This time the kids had a lot of fun because there was a lizard in there that kept running right next to them.

Even though we’d just finished eating breakfast before we took off I packed snacks. My kids want to eat all day long. And sure enough when we arrived at the arboretum they were all three complaining about being starving.

5 thoughts on “Still Too Hot

  • I think that squenched up face Payson is making in the first picture makes him look so much older!

    It looks like you guys had a fun time despite the heat!!!

    Hope the heat lessens a bit soon so you can be more comfortable!

  • This looks like a really fun place! Is it an open park or a place you have to pay to get in?

    The kiddos are *very fortunate* to have you agree to take them in that heat! You are a wonderful mom!

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