Preschool with Payson – Bean Bags and Painting

It’s a bit crazy to try and get pictures during Payson’s preschool time!

Today the two things I got out especially for Payson (he also joins the girls in their school stuff) were painting and bean bags. We used a toothbrush instead of a paintbrush and then Payson also finger painted. And then we did a bunch of fun things with the bean bags.

I wouldn’t recommend trying out the toothbrush painting with a toddler this young. He brushed his teeth with paint immediately even though I’d told him it was yucky. And even though he thought it was gross he did it three more times! Good thing the paint was nontoxic! lol

He really loves painting. He didn’t want to stop! I think tomorrow I’ll bring out the paints again and let him paint outside for as long as he wants!

I think we’ll stick with finger painting, though. He likes finger painting much better anyway 🙂

Payson loves bean bags. We use them to play a lot of different games and activities.

He practiced walking along a line of tape on the ground and then I added the bean bags for him to have to step over.

It cost me less than $3 for supplies to make 14 bean bags. I used felt cut in 4×4 inch squares, filled with dried beans and sewn shut with embroidery thread.

I made two sets of the colors of the rainbow so I can use them not only for games but also to teach him his colors.

I have five more bean bags to finish up (2 pinks- by request of the girls, another green and two purples).

5 thoughts on “Preschool with Payson – Bean Bags and Painting

  • I love those bean bags! Thanks for commenting over on my blog. I am the same though, I rarely leave comments on blogs because I just don't have time! I do love when people introduce themselves though. Your header is really really great!

  • Love the bean bags, those are on my to do list. Sad thing is I bought supplies about three years ago to make them for Holly while she was little — now I am thinking they would be great for Hudson 🙂

    Love Payson's painting!!!

  • Love the bean bags and the colors. I have a ton of felt that I bought for unfinished/never attempted projects. The bean bags might be fun to make.

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