Friday Afternoon Fun

It rained this afternoon.

It was really pouring for about ten minutes. And then it sprinkled for another ten or so.

When the girls first went outside they begged for sweaters because the falling rain was cold. (I thought it felt awesome) But within a few minutes they were hot and took them off.

Brooklyn was so super sweet all afternoon after we got home from Costco.

Yeah, she wanted to play in just her undies.

2 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Fun

  • I wish it would rain here in Macon, Ga, SO bad! It is miserably hot here. We had a few cooler days BUT now it is back in the 100s…ahh! Today it is even too hot to go swimming…the wost thing about the South is the humidity. When it is 100 degrees outside, it really feels like 110-115…it's just so sticky outside! 🙁

  • Payson looks like a Junior version of your dad! The girls are so sweet looking all the time, it's really hard for a prejudiced G'ma D to believe that they have ANY behavior problems ever (lol). But that is what G'ma's are for to simply adore & gush to our hearst content! Please take care of yourself, too, Tiffany! It looks like you really enjoy playtime too with the kids. You have a great yen for balance- so that will be your own guide! You make homeschooling look so fun, wish I was your kid!

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