Preschool with Payson

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about what I do with Payson during his very own “school” time. Mostly because I am too busy when hanging out with him to take pictures. But I realized today I would really love to look back and remember what I did during our alone time every day and without pictures my memory is crap. Really crap.

There are SO MANY things we do together! It’d be super boring to list them all. Maybe? So I figured for my own benefit I’d take pictures and post about each individual thing instead of typing out some massive list.

I’m excited to start recording what my little toddler Payson is doing. I think he’ll probably love looking back at the pictures when he’s older, too!

A quick google search for toddler/preschool activities/games/crafts will result in what seems like a million sites with ideas.

I also like to google physical therapy games/activities/toys.
Here’s just one place with good ideas.

The first thing Payson did today was hammer stuff!
Take a block of dry floral foam (or styrofoam) and some golf tees and a toy hammer and let your toddler hammer the golf tees into the foam.

Payson really liked doing this. He has one of those pounding block toys but he liked this much more.

The second activity is this discovery bag. You put clear hair gel in a ziploc bag along with beads, foam letters, and whatever other fun things you want to include.

I also made a baggy with just hair gel and blue food coloring for Payson to practice writing and drawing with his fingers.

And that’s all for today!

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