Housekeeping and School Work

Pretty much my entire life can be catergorized into those two areas. Housekeeping. School work.

The girls have had chores for a long time now. But they’ve been super easy ones like cleaning their rooms and making their beds and cleaning up their toys from the front rooms and that’s about it!

Now that they’re getting a little older I’ve been adding other tasks on. The funny part about it is the more I add the happier they are. They really love doing household chores. The only chores they don’t like are any involving cleaning up their toys. ha
Laundry is their newest chore. And it’s actually one of the few that does help me out. Most other chores are really more work for me because they don’t do them well plus I’m then having to get them to actually do the chore.

But laundry is a lot of bending over and my belly gets in the way.

Sierra attempted to carry this basket to the family room and couldn’t. Brooklyn, wanting to be like Sierra, then had to pretend that it was heavy for her, too.

The girls have been writing little poems every day. Today we did a really simple one about their positive traits.

Brooklyn’s says:
I am cute.
I am sweet.
I am seven.
I am smart.
I am strong.
I am excellent.
I am careful.

Sierra’s says:
I am cute.
I am careful.
I am smart.
I am thankful for you and I love you.

Of course sweet Sierra has to add something about mommy in her very own poem!

After that I taught Sierra how to write sentences. Brooklyn already knows sentence structure but she joined in, too.

Sierra loved it. She’s never been able to grasp the concept before; using animals as the subject was a lot of fun for her and helped her not think too hard about it. It just clicked after that πŸ™‚

The girls outfits are kinda crazy. They’re big fans of wearing pajama pants every day.

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