I just love cleaning peanut butter off of windows, don’t you?

After two weeks Payson is back in his highchair for mealtimes. Payson is really unhappy about it but I don’t really care. I’m sick of him getting up no less than 10 times each and every meal and making a huge mess. Today after playing with his peanut butter waffle (playing = rubbing the peanut butter all over his hands) he got up and smeared his hands all over the window.
And laughed.
So, highchair it is!

And a random shot of Brooklyn…

4 thoughts on “I just love cleaning peanut butter off of windows, don’t you?

  • I'm with you on the 'get up 10 times…make a mess' with my littlest guy! Judah is 20 months and we had to ditch the booster seat when we got a new eating nook (think restaurant corner booth) and he is constantly getting up and walking on the bench! argh. We may have to invest in a high chair….eye sore but it'll keep the house cleaner!

  • Oh I hate cleaning up smeared peanut butter, ick. My 2yo is in a booster with straps πŸ™‚ Love the straps. I mistakenly let her try to eat waffles like a big girl (in a regular seat) like the boys. I went back into the kitchen for milks and she had taken her plate into the living room where she set it on the floor next to her little brother in the exersaucer. She wanted to eat next to him. I may have taken a photo before removing the plate from the floor πŸ™‚ Love the braid in Brooklyn's hair, it looks so cute!

  • Yeah, when Leah started eating solids, I told Eric we needed to get another high chair. He said Graham could just move to a regular chair. That lasted all of 2 meals before he realized he NEEDED to be in a high chair. So off to Wal-Mart to buy the cheapest high chair I could find. Funny enough he likes it way better than the nice we have lol.

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