Today I woke up in a bad mood because I had errands to run.

I had to mail off a book I sold on ebay.
It cost me $8 to mail that book. EIGHT DOLLARS! I mailed it to Wyoming which is only two states away. That is the last book I ever mail!

I also needed to stop at the store for milk.

My kids were noisy today. Whining, complaining, screaming, crying.
I fantasized about sending them to daycare and public school.

The kids wanted to go the library. I was so tired that I lied and told them the library was closed.

Brooklyn got a timeout for laughing at Payson being naughty after I’d told her not to.

Brooklyn has a major problem with encouraging and telling her siblings to do bad things. She loves to see them get in trouble. Brooklyn gets in trouble for not only the bad thing she tells Sierra to do but also for telling Sierra to do it.
She’s finally stopped telling Sierra to do bad things thanks to this.
For the most part.

My kids asked for McDonald’s on the way out of the store today and I responded, “Yeah freaking right.”

Payson screamed the entire drive home. I blasted music and successfully fought off the urge to drive into oncoming traffic.

During lunch the girls laughed at Payson wrinkling up the pages in my scriptures. They got 15 minute timeouts >:-(

Questions about my schedule-
I’m not a schedule person. At all. I am very go with the flow. But Brooklyn is the most dependent-on-schedules child I’ve ever met so I made that schedule 100% for her benefit. She thrives on it. We follow the schedule 3-5 days a week. Definitely not on the weekends. And most often not on Mondays because I’m recovering from the weekends and can’t stand to be “told” what to do when I’m playing catch up.

Weekends are cruel. Mondays come around and are so dang miserable as I go back into the next five days without Allan around 🙁

Several of you are asking me what I eat every day and I don’t want to answer. I don’t eat well. I usually get so busy I forget to eat until 1pm. Then I’ll have a salad. At 2 I’ll have a bite sized candy bar or some chips or a bowl of peaches. At 3 I’ll have a sandwich. At 7 I’ll have a normal dinner with Allan.

If I force myself to eat in the mornings it’s usually a yogurt before Payson gets up. A banana while I make the kids breakfast. And a hard boiled egg while the kids eat breakfast.

I look better in the pictures I’ve posted than I do in real life, I guess, because I look huge in real life. I’ve even received a couple comments of “you must be due soon” this week. I need to lose 40 pounds after the baby’s born to be back at my ideal weight. If I gain more weight that’s just going to be more weight on top of that 40 😛

Though I don’t typically gain much weight at all during the last month. Thank goodness!

I can’t believe it’s the last month of my pregnancy. In two weeks I’ll be full term. 3 weeks after that she’ll be here!

The pregnancy, extra iron, and fiber combo are making my intestines unhappy. Though unhappy gives me a visual of my intestines off in the corner crying. No, my intestines are angry. They’re in the middle of the room kicking and screaming.

I want to get a t-shirt saying something about how staring is rude. I’m really sick of people staring at me. Staring is RUDE! For any reason!

I’d like to go take a nap now. Too bad it’s actually the worst part of the day. Dinnertime! UGH.

I took just a few pictures today. When I’m moody I tend to dislike my camera.

I don’t enjoy having a toddler. I never have. They can be so cute and funny and make life so fun. But the majority of the time all they want to do (at least my toddlers) is destroy stuff.
And with two other kids the opportunities to make messes come all too easily.
Like Sierra going pee doesn’t even bother to tell me that Payson is in there unrolling all the toilet paper.

Payson loves to hang on the edge of the cart while shopping.

Even the shortest shopping trip exhausts me.

I attempt to kill my bad mood with scripture reading.

But it didn’t really help because my kids screamed the whole time and I got up over 20 times to get them stuff and then Payson tried to ruin my scriptures while I was up refilling his drink. *sigh*

Sierra… she’s such a good kid.

I ate another one after I took this picture 😛

14 thoughts on “Truthfully

  • Hang in there girlie. Not too much longer!! We are all entitled to having bad days. I have one at least twice a week, LOL. You really are supermom!!


  • It must be a full moon, it was a rough day here too. I feel your pain (of course on a smaller scale). I will admit my toddler watched more tv than usual today so I could get some peace (and nutella on a spoon!).

  • I'm just as bad with food. Today I had a bowl of cookie crisp cereal for breakfast, potato chips and chocolate for lunch, spaghetti o's and meatballs for dinner and a bowl of ice cream for second dinner. Meh. Sometimes I just don't care, either.

  • Hope you are feeling better today!!! Not too much longer and you'll be snuggling up that little bundle 🙂

    Last week I had a few bad days, a series of wonderful arguing exchanges with my child – things not going right, etc. Those days suck! But, I have to remind myself there are all those good bit and pieces smooshed in between the bad ones.


  • I agree 100% I HATE being prego and i am now 21 weeks….the short 1/2 over and the long one to go.

    You sound like you need a baby sitter a few times a month to give you a break!!

    Do you think you will ever send your children to public school or even private? I admire your commitment and drive to homeschool because I certainly could NEVER do it! I love my kids but My oldest is started playschool this year (2 days a week) and it's the best thing for both of us! Good luck with your last month!

  • Tracey, thanks, I feel like I have at least twice a week, too.
    And I feel more like exhaustedmom than supermom. lol

    Hooptee, why didn't I turn on the TV today?? I so should've! Maybe today we'll all sit down and watch an hour or two in the afternoon (and I'll try to sleep!)

    Summer, thank you! I am too hard on myself. I think it's more feeling huge than truly caring what I look like, if that makes sense. Well, and dreading losing weight after the baby comes. I always hate that part. lol

    Kathryn, darn you mentioning spaghetti o's. I love those! lol

    Jen, I have never heard of media mail rates! I will most definitely ask about that next time! Anything to save even a little bit of money!

    Liberty, you're so right. Thank goodness for the good ones to offset the bad. I told Allan last night, for once I'm just going to be happy that today is over and look forward to tomorrow.

    Jennifer, I'm the same way. Can't stand being pregnant at all. And I so need a babysitter. Too bad the two people I trusted moved this year. I need to find a new one!

    As far as sending my kids to public school. Right now it's 100% homeschool… the plan all along has been to homeschool through high school and I don't see that ever changing but I'm not about to say never about something that's so far off. I do feel like if I can get through a pregnancy with a crazy toddler in the middle of Arizona summer and still be managing to successfully homeschool I can do anthing! lol

  • I haven't blogged or looked at blogs forever, so it was so good to catch up on yours today. I had to go back 3 pages! I just have to say, I know you don't feel beautiful when you are big and pregnant, but you really do look very beautiful. You capture pregnancy in your pictures in a beautiful way too. I can't believe you are already almost there!

    I loved the picture of Payson and Sierra on the swing outside together where they are cuddling and he is looking up at the sky in what looks like an expression of awe. It's so sweet. And I love the post about Payson and football. So stinking cute! I'm glad you look forward to BYU football season, because I loathe it! Tim goes to all the games, even some away games and we don't see him for 4 months. Sigh…. Anyway, I really liked all your cute baking pictures with the kids too. I've tried to take pictures when we bake together and they just never look that great.

    I hope you have a great day and enjoy some cooler weather there!

  • Shipping is really ridiculously expensive. I once mailed two pieces of paper for our adoption process… I felt like I could have purchased the shipping industry for what I paid to get those papers there in time.

    What's worse, if they had let me send them a scanned copy or fax of them they'd have gotten it sooner and it wouldn't have cost me an arm and a leg. More than that, we wouldn't have had to use fossil fuels to drive the pages there. Think of the environment, people! [smile]

    Hang in there!


  • I just checked back and saw you had never heard of media mail. I hadn't either, before I started paperbackswap and started mailing so many books.

    Definitely tell them it's a book next time. If your item is over a certain weight, media mail is MUCH cheaper – you can use it to send books, film, video tapes, CDs and DVDs.

    (Pounds) Price
    1 $2.38
    2 $2.77
    3 $3.16
    4 $3.55
    5 $3.94

    If you are not signed up for paperbackswap, you should consider it. It's a great way to get books you want!

  • Thank you, Jen!! I would've saved almost $6! Not to mention all the other books/DVDs/CDs I've mailed this year! Ugh, the wasted money 🙁

    I'll have to check out paperbackswap. Thanks for the information!

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