Where Does Time Go?

I’m sorry in advance. I have terrible pictures and nothing interesting to say. Today was super busy. I had my OB appointment this morning (went fine) and the rest of the day just flew by.

In the afternoon I let the kids watch TV while I was working on some stuff.

A few minutes later they were still watching it while eating an unhealthy dinner (but yum) while I put together a new daily schedule for homeschool. I’m excited to start the new schedule tomorrow. I think it’s going to be effective and really save some stress and not-used-effectively time. Mostly planning things around Payson’s naps and “content” times was the goal.

Payson did his best all day to make sure I never got bored.

Scripture time with daddy.

Sierra cracked herself up by smelling her feet.

9 thoughts on “Where Does Time Go?

  • Hi! I found your blog through Chasing Cheerios and love reading it:) Your kids are adorable and I think it's great you take pictures of everything – there are so many times during my day when I think “I wish I had my camera…” Keep up the great pics and posts:)

  • I was wondering if you'll be sharing your schedule? I am curious as to how scheduled young homeschooling families are… I worry I am over scheduling ๐Ÿ™‚ I am actually redoing ours before we start, but even then I am not sure if I am trying to fit too much in. Hoping to avoid burnout on all fronts, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hooptee, I don't but it was funny! lol

    Liberty, I do plan on sharing it! I was thinking of trying it out today and making a day in the life post with the schedule posted at the beginning. I always end up tweaking schedules a few times. This one is the most specific one I've done so I'm a little nervous to see if it works!

  • Looking forward to hearing about your new schedule. We just tweaked ours as well with all our new fall activities starting and so far so good!

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